How much does it cost to create a website for a small business?

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website for a Small Business?

Creating a website is essential for any small business that wants to establish a strong online presence. A website can help you reach new customers, promote your brand, and generate leads and sales. However, the cost of creating a website can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of business, the type of website, and the web development company you choose to work with.

In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that affect the cost of creating a website for a small business and give you a general idea of how much it might cost.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Creating a Website for a Small Business

Business Size

The size of your business is one of the factors that affect the cost of creating a website. A small business with a few employees will generally require a less complex website than a larger business with many employees, which can impact the cost.

Website Type

The type of website you need also affects the cost. For example, a simple website with just a few pages and basic functionality will generally cost less than an e-commerce website with custom features, integrations, and payment gateways.

Design and Development

The design and development of a website are other crucial factors that affect the cost. A custom design with unique graphics, fonts, and colors will generally cost more than a pre-made template. Adding advanced features such as a blog, contact forms, live chat, or social media integration can also increase the overall cost.

Content Creation

Creating high-quality content is an essential aspect of website development. Writing copy, creating images or videos, and other types of media can make your website more engaging and informative for visitors. If you need help creating content for your website, you may need to factor in the cost of hiring a copywriter, photographer, or videographer.

Web Development Company or Freelancer

The cost of creating a website can also depend on the web development company or freelancer you choose to work with. Different companies or freelancers may charge different rates based on their experience, expertise, and location. It’s essential to choose a web development partner that you feel comfortable with and has experience creating websites for small businesses in your industry or niche.

Average Cost of Creating a Website for a Small Business

The cost of creating a website can range widely depending on the factors outlined above. Here are some general guidelines to give you an idea:

DIY Website Builders

If you’re on a tight budget and have the time and skills to create your website yourself, you may be able to use a DIY website builder such as Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress. These website builders offer pre-made templates and drag-and-drop editors that make it easy to create a basic website without any coding experience. The cost of using a DIY website builder can range from $0 to $30 per month, depending on the plan and features you need.


If you need more customization than a DIY website builder can offer, you may consider hiring a freelance web developer or designer. Freelancers typically charge by the hour or project and can cost anywhere from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on their experience and expertise. The cost of creating a website with a freelancer can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple website to several thousand dollars for a more complex website with custom features.

Web Development Companies

Web development companies are another option for small businesses looking to create a professional and customized website. These companies typically charge a flat fee or hourly rate for their services, which can range from $75 to $200 or more per hour, depending on their experience, expertise, and location. The cost of creating a website with a web development company can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic website to tens of thousands of dollars for a complex website with advanced features. While the cost of hiring a web development company may be higher, it often comes with a higher level of expertise, reliability, and support.

Additional Services

Additional services can also impact the cost of creating a website for your small business. For example, you may need to factor in the cost of website hosting, domain registration, website maintenance, and SEO services. These additional services can vary widely in cost depending on the provider and the level of support you require.

How to Choose the Right Web Development Partner

Choosing the right web development partner is crucial to ensuring the success of your website. Here are some tips to help you choose the right partner for your needs:

Look at Their Portfolio

Start by looking at the web development company or freelancer’s portfolio. This will give you a sense of their style and the quality of their work. Look for developers who have experience creating websites for small businesses in your industry or niche.

Check Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients can also give you a sense of the web development partner’s professionalism, communication skills, and ability to deliver on time and on budget. Check out their website, social media, and review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or to see what others are saying about them.

Consider Their Experience and Expertise

Consider the web development partner’s experience and expertise in website design and development. Look for developers who have experience with the specific features and integrations you need for your website, whether that’s e-commerce functionality, content management systems, or custom coding.

Get a Detailed Quote

Ask the web development partner for a detailed quote that includes all of the services they will provide, the timeframe for the project, and the cost. Make sure you understand what’s included in the quote and what isn’t, so there are no surprises later on.

Communication and Collaboration

Finally, consider the web development partner’s communication skills and their ability to collaborate with you on the project. Make sure they’re easy to work with, responsive to your needs and questions, and that you feel comfortable communicating with them throughout the project.


In conclusion, the cost of creating a website for a small business can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the website, the design and features, the web development partner you choose, and additional services. It’s essential to choose a web development partner that you feel comfortable with and has experience creating websites for small businesses in your industry or niche. By doing your research and choosing the right web development partner for your project, you can create a website that represents your brand effectively and helps you achieve your goals.

How much does it cost to hire a website designer?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Website Designer? A Guide for Small Business Owners

If you’re thinking about creating a website for your business or personal brand, one of the first things you’ll likely consider is hiring a website designer. A website designer can help you create a website that looks great, functions well, and represents your brand effectively. However, the cost of hiring a website designer can vary widely depending on a number of factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of these factors and provide you with a general idea of how much it might cost to hire a website designer.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hiring a Website Designer

  1. Experience and Expertise

The more experienced and skilled the website designer, the more they will typically charge for their services. Website designers who have been in the industry for several years and have a strong portfolio of work to showcase their skills may charge more than those who are just starting out.

  1. Type of Website

The cost of hiring a website designer can also depend on the type of website you want to create. For example, a simple website with just a few pages will likely cost less than a complex website with a lot of pages and features. E-commerce websites or those with custom integrations can also cost more due to the increased complexity of development.

  1. Timeframe

If you need your website designed quickly, you may end up paying more for the services of a website designer. Rushed projects often require more resources and labor, which can drive up the cost.

  1. Location

Where the website designer is located can also affect the cost. In general, website designers based in areas with higher costs of living may charge more for their services than those in areas with a lower cost of living.

  1. Additional Services

Finally, the cost of hiring a website designer may also depend on the additional services they offer. For example, some website designers may include services such as search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, or ongoing maintenance as part of their packages, which can increase the overall cost.

Average Cost of Hiring a Website Designer

So, how much can you expect to pay for a website designer? The cost can vary widely depending on the factors outlined above, but here are some general guidelines to give you an idea:

  1. Hourly Rates

Some website designers charge hourly rates for their services. Hourly rates can range from around $50 per hour for less experienced designers to over $200 per hour for highly skilled designers.

  1. Project-Based Rates

Other website designers may offer project-based rates. This means they will quote you a flat rate for the entire project, regardless of how many hours they spend on it. Project-based rates can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple website to tens of thousands of dollars for a complex website.

  1. Package Rates

Finally, some website designers may offer package rates that include a range of services. For example, they may offer a basic package that includes website design, hosting, and maintenance for a set fee. Package rates can vary widely depending on the services included, but can often be more cost-effective than hourly or project-based rates.

How to Choose the Right Website Designer for Your Needs

When choosing a website designer, it’s important to consider not just the cost, but also the quality of their work, their experience and expertise, and their ability to deliver on your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right website designer for your project:

  1. Look at Their Portfolio

Start by looking at the website designer’s portfolio. This will give you a sense of their style and the quality of their work. Look for designers who have experience creating websites in your industry or for businesses similar to yours.

  1. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients can also give you a sense of the website designer’s professionalism, communication skills, and ability to deliver on time and on budget. Check out their website, social media, and review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or to see what others are saying about them.

  1. Consider Their Experience and Expertise

Consider the website designer’s experience and expertise in website design and development. Look for designers who have experience with the specific features and integrations you need for your website, whether that’s e-commerce functionality, content management systems, or custom coding.

  1. Get a Detailed Quote

Ask the website designer for a detailed quote that includes all of the services they will provide, the timeframe for the project, and the cost. Make sure you understand what’s included in the quote and what isn’t, so there are no surprises later on.

  1. Communication and Collaboration

Finally, consider the website designer’s communication skills and their ability to collaborate with you on the project. Make sure they’re easy to work with, responsive to your needs and questions, and that you feel comfortable communicating with them throughout the project.


In summary, the cost of hiring a website designer can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the designer’s experience and expertise, the type of website you want to create, the timeframe, the designer’s location, and the additional services they offer. Hourly rates can range from $50 to $200 or more, project-based rates can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and package rates can vary widely depending on the services included. When choosing a website designer, consider their portfolio, reviews and testimonials, experience and expertise, the detailed quote they provide, and their communication and collaboration skills. By doing your research and choosing the right website designer for your needs, you can create a website that represents your brand effectively and helps you achieve your goals.

Your Small Business Works for Your Community

Importance of small businesses

Thinking about starting a business, you might be focusing on earning an income and taking care of your family. But, what you might not have seen just yet is the impact that small, local businesses can have on their communities. Keep reading for more information on how to get started and why it makes sense to keep it in your own hometown.

The Big Impact of Small Businesses

The word small is a bit of a misnomer, as there is nothing small about the impact that local businesses have on the economy. According to American National University, there are more than 56 million people employed by non-corporations, meaning the small businesses are collectively the number one employer in the US. Plus, these “mom-and-pop shops” take up nearly half of all commercial retail space and account for four dollars out of every $10 spent in retail.

As a small business owner, you also have an opportunity to support your local community in ways you may not be able to as an employee. You might, for example, sponsor a children’s softball team or take a day off once each month to deliver meals to the elderly and infirm. You also are in a position to get to know the people that buy from you through things like community events and open houses.

Launching Your Small Business

Like all businesses that have come before, your small business will start with an idea. You also need to identify the things you love and that you’re good at. In our post finding your niche asserts that finding your niche is a matter of knowing what you love, who would value it, and what problems it might solve.

Once you have your business idea in place, you can then work on writing a business plan. This is a crucial step in the formation process that allows you to create a roadmap of sorts that will outline your path toward success. Your business plan will include everything from your company name and marketing strategies to information on how you plan to pull a profit, which is especially important if you want investors down the road.

Something else to consider during the early formation process is establishing an LLC or other business structure. In Tennessee, your LLC can help you keep your personal finances away from your business since it allows you to open a bank account in your business’s name. To get started, register your official company name and appoint a registered agent. They will need to fill out an operating agreement and then file an official certificate of formation. You can use an online service to get this done. Finally, apply for a VIN with the IRS.

You also want to check if you’re required to have a business license or to register with any particular organization. If your business is located within the state, and you make more than $10,000 each year, you will need a license. According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, this also means you’ll need to pay taxes, which are due within four months of the end of each fiscal year.

Marketing Like A Local

Marketing your business might sound like a huge chore, and it can be. But, once you get the momentum going, it’s much easier. A few things that can help you get your business off the ground in the early days include:

  • A digital presence. Your online digital presence matters more than you might think. Having a website legitimizes your business. It’s also how most people will get in touch with you. Even a simple website can help you stand up against the competition by integrating mobile capabilities, which allow customers to contact or navigate to you with one click or to shop online.
  • An open house. Hosting an open house is a fun and exciting way to engage with your customers and business neighbors. Plan to open after hours to showcase the best of what you have to offer. You might even provide refreshments and give away small tokens of appreciation, such as branded Chapstick, hand sanitizer, or embroidered hats.

While you may start your new business with the primary goal of supporting your family, don’t lose sight of the fact it will also support your community. Not only do you have a chance to create jobs, you can also support causes near and dear to your heart. Getting started takes work, but it’s worth it, and becoming an entrepreneur takes you one step closer to achieving the financial independence you desire.

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Can Consumer Financing Boost Sales

working remotely on a laptop

What Role Can Consumer Financing Play in Boosting Merchant Sales?

Consumer Financing

By providing financing to clients, groups can increase their income, land large contracts, and increase their average income per transaction. Financing permits clients to make normal, low-priced bills towards the price of a large-price price tag object. This can increase sales as it gives customers the choice. Cost is frequently the primary pain point for clients searching for a large purchase.

By leveraging purchaser financing, you may dispose of the edge of sticker shock for your clients and shift the verbal exchange from cost alone to value. Instead, you can show clients how lower month-to-month bills can permit them to shop for precisely what they need or want. Providing financing permits you to place the focus on your customer’s desire to get an item they desire NOW.

What does purchaser financing mean?

The term ‘Consumer Financing’ refers to a store that provides purchaser financing alternatives to its clients. it allows the customer to decide the terms given the financing range options. This permits the purchaser to buy a product or service they would otherwise not be capable of purchasing outright.

Additional financing points:

‘Consumer financing’ covers all the factors at the point of sale, and may include the customer’s credit score, and installment loans.

Businesses of all sizes benefit substantially from providing purchaser financing.

Why should your business provide purchaser financing?

For a store, providing purchaser financing may be important in changing passive browsers into lively customers. Therefore it may increase income and conversion rates. Consumer financing encourages a purchaser to buy now, providing the resources to the customer to make the purchase today on terms that are amenable to the buyer.

Key advantages of having purchaser financing:

  • Boosts income and conversion rates
  • Promotes purchaser loyalty and repeat commercial enterprise
  • Increases the average sale

What is purchaser financing?

Customer financing breaks down the price of high-priced items and services, permitting clients to make smaller installment payments. Rather than paying the whole retail charge at the time of purchase, clients pay normal bills on a month-to-month, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. 

Do you need help getting your business set up for customer financing? We can help simply get a quote below.

Why you ought to provide financing to clients

Here are the top commercial advantages of providing financing alternatives to your clients:

1. Increase your income and average transaction length

Financing will increase a purchaser’s buying power, making large purchases easier to stomach with low-priced installments. Not only does financing make it easy to close sales, but it’s also an effective device for upselling. You can show clients how value-added services can be added to month-to-month bills and in doing so increase your average sale. Financing will effectively increase your revenue.

For example, the average sale price increases 15 to 30% for businesses that provide purchaser financing.

2. It gives you an advantage over competitors

Offering purchaser financing gives you a distinct market advantage, permitting smaller businesses to compete with larger players in the market. Merchants can upload extra purchaser incentives, to enhance their competitiveness. You can provide promotional applications to sweeten the deal for clients, like fee deferrals, hobby price buy-downs, or no-hobby loans. These incentives permit you to near income and pressure repeat commercial enterprise.

3. Attract new clients

Your small business can draw in new clients with the aid of providing purchaser financing plans. If a potential purchaser is shopping around for a large item or service, they’ll be much more likely to pick your business over a competitor that doesn’t offer financing alternatives. It also assists you in getting repeat customers. 93% of customers that use purchaser financing said they would use it again.

4. Get paid quickly

One issue with providing installments for small businesses is that they may not get paid quickly- thus creating a cash flow issue. However, if you sign up with a company like Financeit, you don’t need to take on the dangers related to providing your own financing Rather you can get a third-party company to pay you in full and take on the debt of your customer.

Once the credit score is checked and approved by the third-party financer and your customer, you will receive a commission for the entire sale. Your cash flow isn’t affected and you avoid the danger of getting stuck with your customer’s debt in a default.

purchaser financing

How to provide purchaser financing

Customer financing permits businesses to offer their customers alternatives if a potential customer can’t manage to pay for the whole price point. The simplest and most secure manner to provide purchaser financing is to apply to a third-party lending company like Financeit. It guarantees you receive a commission quickly and it removes the threat of non-payment that businesses face after they provide their very own financing.

Most clients will not look for financing unless you bring it up during the purchase decision or checkout, so it’s vital that you usually make these alternatives clear to potential clients. Give concrete information about what their expenses could be in the event that they choose a financing plan, in place of paying the whole income charge upfront. Financeit’s Payment Calculator helps your business quickly.

By discussing financing alternatives with customers you increase the individual buying potential for sales and upsells within your value ladder. If you don’t have a value ladder you can get in touch with us about that important need.

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Author Bio:

Aline Huseby is a Sales & Marketing Manager at ChargeAfter. She would like to share content on the Finance Industry like Point of Sales financing, Buy now Pay later, consumer financing & Ecommerce financing for the valuable readers.

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2022

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2021

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2022

You need to assemble backlinks to quality locales to build your space authority and area appraisals with the goal that you can rank No.1 on Google. You are here in light of the fact that you have understood the significance of backlinks.

Backlinks are the most essential internet searcher positioning variables. You might be envisioning right now how backlinks work on your positioning component. As a matter of fact, when a site alludes to your webpage then it gives a sign to the crawlers that this site is important and has quality substance.

This way you can rank on the primary page of the web crawler result page and can without much of a stretch create traffic to your website. Quality backlinks help to further develop the hunt perceivability of your site.

Backlinks are a significant piece of the accomplishment of SEO. There are additionally external link establishment administrations accessible that you can pick to assemble quality backlinks. It is on the grounds that building backlinks don’t imply that you will work from any destinations. You need to pick just high DA locales that mean quality destinations.

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Step by step instructions to Build Quality Backlinks in 2021

We have effectively examined the significance of building quality backlinks in 2021. It will assist you with working on your SEO and will consequently further develop leads and deals.

Thusly, here are the most ideal approaches to construct quality backlinks in 2021 that will take your business to a higher degree of accomplishment.

1. Compose Competitive Content:

Your first occupation is to compose cutthroat and quality substance so that on the off chance that anybody peruses it they think that it’s valuable and they will effectively share your article.

In the event that your substance is acceptable, different sites will right away allude your locales (construct backlinks) to their site. To compose a quality article, allude to different destinations, and figure out how they are composing articles to draw in with the crowd.

Be that as it may, don’t duplicate their content all things being equal, compose better compared to them. This will help your site generally to assemble great backlinks. You can likewise take the assistance of computerized promoting offices to fabricate quality connections.

2. Effort:

The effort is another incredible method to fabricate backlinks. In any case, it doesn’t imply that you will connect your site to any locales. You need to interface just with those destinations that have high DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating).

You can do exceed once you have great quality articles on your site. Except if and until you don’t have extraordinary substance on your site then, at that point doing effort is futile. You can not produce traffic.

The effort will assist your site with positioning on the internet searcher result pages. You can likewise focus on your rivals and their watchwords in case they are positioning better compared to you. This way you can fabricate quality backlinks to your site.

3. Person to Person Communication Site Profile:

Numerous person-to-person communication and social bookmarking destinations have a high page rank. In this way, these positions will assist your site with positioning on Google.

You ought not to disregard the significance of backlinks however should utilize them. These systems administration destinations can truly assist you with building quality backlinks.

4. Make an Infographic:

Infographics are extremely valuable and individuals love them. It is on the grounds that it assists them with understanding things all the more plainly.

There are many destinations, for example, Canva and Venngage that will assist you with making your own infographics. In any case, you need to remember that your infographics ought to be identified with your substance.

Try not to make futile or complex infographics that individuals can’t comprehend. Make it as basic as could be expected and make it instructive. Do the examination appropriately from your side. Utilize your abilities and information to give significant data to the crowd.

You can utilize the numbers or charts to command the notice of the crowd so that assuming they think that it’s fascinating, they can impart it to their loved ones.

5. Remark on Other Relevant Blogs:

You can likewise remark on other significant blog entries with the goal that you can construct backlinks to your webpage. In the event that the crowd discovers your remark valuable, they will clearly tap on it, and this way you can create traffic as well.

This way you can likewise construct a shared relationship with the creator. However, you need to remember that your remark ought to be pertinent to the post. In the event that the blog is on design and you are remarking on the business techniques then it is all pointless. You are burning through your time and difficult work.

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Wrapping it Up

Here you go! I have made an honest effort to keep every one of the dishes on a solitary plate. Thusly, the previously mentioned systems to assemble quality backlinks on your site are extremely valuable and powerful.

Ensure you adhere to the guidelines appropriately with the goal that your webpage can acquire space authority which will assist your site with positioning better on the web index result page.

Author Bio

Richard Smith

I’m Richard Smith from the USA. I’m an Email Marketing Specialist. I have my own writing for a blog website Digi Campaign. Where individuals will get every Paid Campaign and Email Marketing data. I like to empower and inspire the new youth age who need to learn Digital Marketing. He is associated with Blogest, How To Guidance, Dumb Machine, Wireless Style, First Covers, Geo Bloggers, Life Plant, All Of Britain, Best Security Jobs.

Advertising Relationships for SEO

advertising relationships for seo

Top 4 Tips To Leverage Advertising Relationships For SEO

Whether you believe it or not, creating advertising relationships has become quite important in the era of online marketing. As the name implies, it helps you create a special bond with your consumers and increases their trust in you.

But how will it be beneficial for your business?

Well, by following relationship marketing strategies, you can build a vast client base without worrying about any relapses. Additionally, having a long-term relationship with a consumer will also be profitable for your business. It is the most sustainable form of marketing if you can cope with the early challenges.

However, building advertising relationships and incorporating the same in SEO practices can be different. With it, you have to take the help of social media platforms to some extent. But how?

Let’s find out!

How Do Advertising Relationships Work For SEO Through Social Media?

seo advertising relationships

Content marketing plays a significant role in improving the SEO ranking of a website. It usually does so by keeping a reader engaged with a topic for some time. And, the longer the person stays on your website, the more web traffic it generates. So, your SEO ranking will improve remarkably. Due to this reason, most people tend to hire the best guest posting services to assist them in this aspect. 

But how is the concept of advertising relationships going to be useful for you?

With relationship marketing strategies, you can increase your social media following to some extent. Hence, if you share anything on your profile, people will read it. Now, you can provide a link to your website and ask your readers to visit there if they want to go through more exciting topics like this.

If they click the link and enter your site, it will start generating organic web traffic automatically.

However, unlike how it sounds, growing your web traffic through relationship marketing can be pretty tricky and confusing. So, make sure to check out the following section to learn some tips that will help you out in this regard.

Need help implementing the tips in this article? Get in touch with us to set up a discovery session following the link below.

Advertising Relationships For SEO – Strategies To Keep An Eye On

seo advertising relationships in chattanooga tn

Most people think that creating a bond or relationship with your consumers is about talking or conversing with them daily. However, there are several other nuances incorporated in this subject. So, let’s check out our tips for leveraging advertising relationships in your SEO business to learn a little more about it.

Strategy – 1: Keep Posting Relevant and Helpful Content Regularly

Whether you are writing on a social media platform or your website, always remember to share relevant content. It will not only improve your blog promotion techniques but also increase your readers’ trust in you. And, as you already know, content relevancy matters significantly in SEO.

So, writing on relevant topics will also help you rank higher on Google than usual.

If you have a decent social media following, then you will receive several comments on your posts. So, we would suggest you reply to those as soon as possible. You can use either a professional or friendly tone while talking to them. But, be sure to maintain the same for everyone.

Talking to your consumers can help you build trust and improve your advertising relationships strategies even more.

Strategy – 2: Create Customized Advertising

Talking with your consumers or social media followers will let you know the people who want to support your business. In addition, you can also learn about their individual needs and work on those aspects to offer them a more convenient user experience.

So, where does all this knowledge leave you?

Well, by learning more about your audience, you can create customized advertising for them. This way, you will only attract those consumers that you need to uplift your business’ potential.

You can also boost the overall effect of advertising relationships by asking for feedback from your consumers. Make sure to take notes from these problems and assure your clients that you will take care of them as soon as possible. This strategy can increase consumer trust and address your organizational issues before everything goes out of your hands.

At Green Thoughts Consulting we provide advertising consultations and 1 on 1 planning for your pay-per-click campaigns. Further, we will completely manage the PPC campaigns on your behalf. Get a quote to learn more.

Strategy – 3: Design Your Website Properly  

Maintaining a good user experience is probably the most significant thing to consider in SEO. If your website’s design is not user-friendly, your readers will leave it within three to five seconds of entering. So, make sure to curate your website in such a way so that a user finds everything instantly.

While you are at it, we would also suggest you keep the “customer service” tab within your consumer’s line of sight. This way, if they need anything, they will click on it and talk directly to your customer service team.

Also, when talking about advertising relationships, be sure to create a customer care team that can deal with both negative and positive situations. This way, it will be easier for you to keep everyone content with your services.

Strategy 4: Follow Your Customer Reviews Closely

People, especially on social media platforms, love to share their thoughts on everything. So, if someone has used your product, they will try to let you and everyone know if they liked it or not.

We would suggest you follow your buyers closely and ask them for their feedback on your services. You can also encourage them to post their thoughts on your Facebook profile’s review section to increase your brand awareness.

Even when you are getting negative reviews, try not to be too discouraged about it. Instead, talk with the reviewer, ask them about their issues, and correct them quickly.

Also, if you want to show off your consumer-friendly behavior a little, be sure to comment down on their posts. Let them know that you are here for them and will do everything to help everyone out. This type of behavior can be highly beneficial in the route of building advertising relationships.

Learn more about the customer journey or get more info about our services here.

Final Takeaway

Although technology has changed the way of handling customers, it’s still our responsibility to learn about the issues they are encountering. This is where building advertising relationships can be beneficial for you.

Hopefully, with our relationship marketing tips, you will be able to appeal to your consumers’ emotions and nurture relationships over time. However, if you want us to add something or have any general queries, do not forget to let us know in the comments. Have a great day!

About Author

Lucia Patterson was born and raised in New York. She is a passionate blogger and also a contributor writer at TopPreference & BigJarNews. As an admirer of history and art, she keeps traveling around to places that have a story to tell.

Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

chiropractic social media marketing team

Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Ideas To Attract More Patients

Here’s an impressive statistic related to chiropractic social media marketing: as of 2021, there’s a whopping 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, and the number of users is expected to grow over the next few years.

The number of social media users equates to about 48% of the current world population. Considering the staggering figure, it makes perfect sense for businesses to tap into social media to attract more clients.

With proper social media management, you can effectively engage with customers old and new and reach more people. If you want to attract more patients to your chiropractic practice, social media marketing is something you should look into.

chiropractic social media marketing

How to Use Social Media to Attract More Patients

Fortunately, there are countless ways you can use social media to attract more patients. The following are some of the foolproof ways you can use social media to boost your digital marketing efforts:

Tip #01: Create a robust chiropractic social media marketing strategy

Before you start your social media campaign, you must create a strong social media team first. If you don’t want to take chances, consider working with a social media specialist so you will have expert guidance.

Having access to an expert is also important if you want your social media campaign to move in the right direction. As soon as you have sorted out your social media team members, you must determine your goals and create a solid plan.

Tip #02: Pick the Most Suitable Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Channels

Before creating a social media page, you need to examine the options available at your disposal. Which social media channels would be right for you? Below are some of the most popular social media channels you can choose from:


Unlike other social media channels, Instagram is photo-focused. However, you can still use Instagram’s IG Live and Q&A features to boost your online marketing efforts. You can also use those features to connect and engage with your followers.

Another great idea would be to post short video clips on IG stories. Giving your followers a quick insight into what they can expect during a chiropractic session is another good idea you should consider.


LinkedIn is recommended if you want to improve and establish business connections. The site can also be used to effectively highlight your expertise by sharing your thoughts and ideas. LinkedIn can also be used to connect with other chiropractors.

Since you have the option to post content on LinkedIn, you can also share some of the articles you have written with your connections. Apart from posting articles, images, and videos, you can also post infographics, motivational quotes, and even memes.


If you have a social media account on Facebook, it would be a good idea to post light, fun, and informative videos for old and new patients. You can also share live events with your followers to connect and engage with them effectively.

To appear more approachable, consider posting high-quality photos of yourself and your staff and your patients (don’t forget to ask for permission) and other fun and exciting activities and events related to your practice.

Posting images or videos of your interaction with patients or videos that explain certain chiropractic procedures is another idea you can look into. To boost engagement, you can also give away special prizes or discounts.


If you love making videos, you can never go wrong with YouTube. If your chiropractic practice has a YouTube channel, you can post valuable and educational content, including training therapies, behind-the-scenes, and chiropractic exercises.

social media ppc for chiropractors

Tip #03: Consider Investing in Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Ads

When it comes to social media ads, you have the option to run one on Facebook, Instagram, and Google based on your services, keywords, and specialty. If you are not running paid social media ads yet, the following benefits might convince you:

  • Your business can reach more people
  • You can reach highly targeted audiences
  • Your chiropractic practice can boost brand awareness and visibility
  • You can boost your conversion rate

Do you need help with your social media ads? We manage pay-per-click advertising at Green Thoughts Consulting. Further, we can help you with a plan for your social media.

Tip #04: Increase Engagement By Posting Different Types of Content

To increase engagement and attract more patients, consider posting various types of content. The following are some of the content ideas you can look into:

  • Client education. Use these posts to educate your followers and patients on the various chiropractic topics—from general to more in-depth ones.
  • Seasonal or celebratory posts. These posts should be timely and relevant and help ensure your social media page is updated and recent. Some seasonal or celebratory posts include National Chiropractic Health Month, World Spine Day, and International Correct Posture Month.
  • Preventative care. These posts should bring awareness and encourage patients to schedule appointments or follow-ups for sports injuries, adjustments, and neck and knee pain.

Learn more about content marketing here.

Final Thoughts

With most of your patients and prospects likely active on social media, it would be wise to take action by implementing some of the social media strategies mentioned above. Done accordingly, social media can be a powerful tool that can take your chiropractic practice to the next level.

Hire an SEO Marketing Manager

hire SEO expert

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Marketing Manager

SEO specialists are marketers that undertake research and analysis to increase a website’s ranking on search engines such as Google. They locate the most popular and relevant keywords from search engine searches and incorporate them into websites. Doing so allows search engines to find and show such sites to online visitors.

SEO professionals might work for digital marketing firms or in-house marketing departments. There are a number of well-regarded online courses available to help you enhance your search engine optimization abilities. Certificates are not necessary to work as an SEO consultant.

There are no requirements for the bulk of SEO online training. Successful SEO professionals have strong analytical, communication, and research abilities. This allows them to better understand clients and give the best possible optimization.

What is the significance of SEO?

For a variety of reasons, SEO and other Internet marketing-related professions are critical. To begin with, an increasing number of companies are performed through the Internet. Businesses are increasingly working online to capture a piece of the ever-growing Internet market in order to maximize profit possibilities.

hire a seo manager
Hire an SEO Manager

Second, it’s critical to have focused traffic. Businesses don’t simply want any traffic to come to their website; they want targeted visitors who will buy their products or services or click on advertising and affiliate links.

Third, because there are billions of web pages on the Internet, providing high-quality focused content is critical for attracting your ideal client.

A website will not create traffic on its own. It will need work to attract the proper sort of visitors. This is when the assistance of an SEO manager is useful.

SEO management integrates two distinct skill sets: Internet marketing expertise and search engine optimization knowledge. Training in marketing, business, computer science, or similar disciplines of study is necessary for SEO management and other marketing-related professions. Check out this site about hiring experienced SEO experts.

There are few, if any, programs of study that specialize in SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a subset of the marketing profession that requires a specific understanding of search engine methods, consumer marketing, keyword research, and other aspects of web marketing. 

A college or university job posting board, which may be available in the business, finance, computer science, or marketing departments, is a fantastic area to seek for SEO campaign management and other sorts of marketing job openings. You don’t have to be a student at the institution to use these resources in most situations.

There are a plethora of internet sites for locating marketing job vacancies – a quick Google search may provide a lot of information.

Online job boards may also give you useful information by compiling the greatest accessible list of marketing job vacancies in one place.

Get your Quote
Get an SEO Quote

What Qualifies an SEO Campaign Manager in the Eyes of Employers?

Employers need a campaign manager who can plan clever content development and use the correct analytical tools to propel customers’ search engine rankings to the top of the main search engines.

Companies search for project management expertise and skills. You’ll need to be able to maintain a lot of spheres in the air while working through the logistical phases of a good SEO campaign.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, marketing, business, or finance is preferred by many companies, but if you have excellent SEO expertise, you may be able to get around this need.

Computer coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are frequently required. You must be a multi-tasker who can communicate effectively both vocally and in writing.

Components of SEO
Components of SEO

What does an SEO Manager do?

Before we examine when is the best time to hire an SEO Manager, let’s have a look at what an SEO Manager does.

Keyword Research:

Whether executing SEO for a client or for their own company, an SEO manager does keyword research to determine which keywords the company should target with SEO content.

On-Page & Technical SEO:

SEO managers are in charge of both on-page and technical SEO to increase website traffic. On-page SEO is boosting individual web pages for a specific keyword in order to increase search traffic from searches containing that keyword.

Technical SEO is the process of reviewing and refining a website’s technical implementation to make it more accessible to both humans and machines, particularly search engine crawlers.

Learn more about technical SEO for Artists and Local SEO.

Tactics for Content:

The development and implementation of a content strategy is the responsibility of SEO managers. Material marketing is a sort of digital marketing that aims to create and share helpful, instructive, and ultimately valuable information to potential customers. When done well, content marketing establishes a company as a renowned authority in a certain sector or subject.

SEO managers are involved in content strategy development and may spend time drafting content briefs for a staff writer or authoring material themselves.

Conferences with Clients:

SEO managers meet with their client accounts on a regular basis to review strategy, define goals, and verify that their marketing activities are aligned with the customer’s business objectives.

Analyze data:

To identify which web pages or search queries are producing the most traffic, leads, and sales for their clients, SEO managers analyze online traffic data from sources like Google Analytics.

Unindexed Website

Unindexed Websites

The website is never found in search results.

It’s not uncommon for a business owner to conduct many searches each day related to their company. As a consequence, you may come across some keyword overlap when looking for material that is directly related to your business.

As a result, your site should occasionally appear on the first page. You won’t be able to nail it for every potential keyword, but if you’re doing some extremely particular long-tail searches and coming up empty, that’s a problem.

It indicates that you are not visible. This signifies that no one can locate your website and that your traffic is minimal.

Are you concerned about how to Assess Performance?

When you can’t find your website, it’s a sign that your SEO isn’t up to grade. It can provide a good indication of which keywords are effective and which are not.

However, it’s anecdotal in the sense that your view is based only on your own observations. Using analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, to see what’s working and what isn’t is a more scientific way of judging the site’s performance.

An SEO expert will begin by doing a thorough examination of your present approach. They’ll keep the things that are working and enhance the sections that aren’t.

When you’re on a shoestring budget

Marketers understand the value of SEO, and it’s steadily becoming a priority in a variety of businesses.

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report, 75% of marketers believe SEO is “very successful” or “very effective” in assisting them in achieving their objectives, although executives are frequently hesitant to spend extensively in an area that takes a long time to provide returns.

Budget constraints are a common stumbling block for SEO operations.

The Client Funnel is a Dustbowl

Are consumers coming to your site and then leaving without stopping? Is anyone making it all the way through your abandoned user funnel?

Once they’ve gotten visitors onto your site, SEO experts don’t have to quit. They can assist you in refining landing pages to encourage people to stay on your site longer.

It makes sense to take a comprehensive approach like this. The user’s flow might be disrupted by an abrupt shift in style and content between the meta description displayed on Google and the landing page.

You must double-check that everything is in order to meet the expectations put out on the search results page. And, of course, to improve the likelihood that they will do the action you desire.

Hire an SEO Manager Freelancer
Hire Us

Hire a Freelancer?

Some business owners engage freelancers to help them with their digital marketing plan right away. Other businesses understand the value of effective SEO when they grow and discover their current infrastructure can’t deliver the results they want.

In both cases, businesses turn to SEO professionals for assistance. Outside agencies, on the other hand, require advice that your in-house team may not be able to supply.

Furthermore, you require someone to advocate for the interests of your organization. This is when an SEO marketing manager comes in handy.

Agencies are wonderful, but if you don’t have someone on staff to advocate for, follow up on, and push things through, things might get lost or never get done.

With your business goals in mind, an in-house or freelance SEO specialist may oversee agency efforts and make the ultimate call on SEO campaigns, content marketing initiatives, and web page optimization.

A freelance SEO manager may run an SEO audit to uncover flaws and provide potential remedies if the SEO business you’re dealing with isn’t generating high-quality results. In situations like these a third party could be a great help.

Search Engines Have Charged You with A Penalty

Actions that Google and other search engines perceive to be unethical may result in a penalty. It makes no difference whether things were done on purpose or not.

The crawlers of Google don’t have emotional intelligence. They don’t always know the difference between an honest blunder and black hat methods. You’ll receive a penalty if you’re on the wrong side of the algorithm.

You may also be caught off guard if you aren’t up to date when the algorithm changes. Major Google upgrades are usually announced in advance, but there’s always the potential that a minor change can result in red flags appearing on your site.

Presumably, you’ll be ready before they go into effect. You must be proactive in your approach to change. This allows you to profit from any new elements that the system is now rewarding, rather than being caught off guard by those that it is suddenly punishing.

Since the launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative, mobile search, for example, has played a significant role. Firms that established a responsive or adaptable design for mobile prior to the release of this update reaped the benefits right away.

An SEO expert like David Carralon can assist your company in staying on top of all forthcoming developments. You must be flexible and stay up with changes in SEO since it is not a set landscape.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.




Optimize Your Website for the Holidays with these SEO tips

SEO Tips

The holiday season has arrived. It’s far too late to make big changes to your website or even focus on things that will improve your search engine results at this time of year. After all, you don’t want to do anything that could harm the traffic or rankings of your website.

It’s best to undertake an SEO assessment of your website, update content, work on your site structure, and add a lot of fresh content during the “off-season.” There are, however, things you can do right now that won’t take much time and will increase traffic and sales while still protecting your website and domain name.

Let’s look into it and see how long it will take, as well as why it is “safe” to do so. The priority here, as with all of these chores or little initiatives, is to ensure that none of them result in traffic loss. They won’t cause you to lose your search engine ranks or visibility, and they’ll provide some protection.

Inquire about the holiday schedules of employees and contractors.

You’ll need to know when your team will be accessible to assist you before you can build a holiday-specific SEO strategy. Whether you’re working with an in-house SEO team or an eCommerce digital marketing firm, make sure everyone is on the same page about timetables and projects well before the fall, or your improvements may never see the light of day.

Make contact with your website’s development staff as well. You’ll need their help if you want to deploy or test certain site changes before the holiday season. Over the next few months, your developer may be swamped with holiday tasks; get on their “to-do” list as soon as possible to ensure your site updates are completed before the first frost.

Site migrations and other major modifications should be planned properly.

On the same point, if you’ve been planning to migrate your site or make other significant changes, now is the time to do so – but only if you can finish it before the holidays. You will have less “fix it” time and fewer opportunities to test your site on shoppers if you introduce your improvements later in the fall. The last thing you want to do before the busiest shopping season of the year makes modifications that hurt conversion rates.

Identify any current holiday website content and update it.

Start with the path of least resistance when it comes to holiday SEO material. Is there any existing holiday content on your site that you could freshen up for this season? While it may not have been relevant during last year’s epidemic, 2021 could be the year to update it for this year’s clients.

Rewrite your seasonal language with your brand’s social media team, and seek new photographs to add to your site. Don’t forget about keyword research and optimization, as well as a backlinks audit.

New holiday promotional pages should be created.

Gather your development team and set to work right away to ensure that your optimized pages rank before the holiday shopping season begins.

There are a variety of ways to generate holiday sales with SEO content, including:

  • Online catalogs and gift guides for the holidays.
  • Products that are “best of” or “sale” lists.
  • Contests and giveaways for the holidays (also great for email list growth).
  • Comparisons and reviews of products.
  • Landing pages for holiday gifts.

While your long-term content marketing plan should always assist buyers in finding and learning more about your items, it is especially crucial during the holiday season. Remember that many people shop for gifts based on the desires of others, not on their interest in the product.

Create fresh sales and discount content.

Similarly, you can develop temporary material for any upcoming special deals your company has planned. The primary goal of this method is to generate holiday money; SEO may be secondary, especially if the bargains will be removed from the site afterward.

Consider building an evergreen “Discounts and Sales” page on your website as a compromise between the two techniques. That way, you can keep it up to date with your current specials throughout the year, incorporate it into your link-building plan, and optimize it for clients who are expressly looking for site discount codes.

Image Optimization

The audience is more engaged in the text when visuals are used, and they retain information for longer periods. The right images (and other visuals) can truly make a significant difference. Marketers who rely more on images now have more followers, a larger audience, more sales, and a higher return on investment.

The process of developing and providing high-quality images in the optimal format, size, and resolution to maximize user engagement is known as image optimization. It also consists of identifying images correctly so that search engine bots can read them and comprehend the context of the page.

You should know the importance of images and how you edit them to provide your brand with the best chance of success with SEO. Professional image editors equipped with the technology can transform your photos and videos to an optimized one without compromising quality, page load times increase, and visitors’ experiences improve as well. Improved user experience and interactions with your site enhance search engine results, resulting in increased customer engagement, conversions, and retention.

Need help with image optimization or your website in general?

Test add-ons before your site goes live.

You should create and test any plugins, pop-ups, slide-ins, and other inclusions ahead of time if you plan on advertising Holiday discounts and sales on your website. Make sure they’re ready to go ahead of time and don’t forget to launch them at the correct time, or you’ll miss out on a lot of money.

To avoid any negative consequences on your organic traffic, consider SEO elements such as page speed, Core Web Vitals, and other ranking factors. Working with your website developer to establish a method that minimizes the impact on your SEO strategy while maximizing visitor purchases is recommended.

Make sure to update your local business listings.

Local SEO is crucial for both offline and online businesses. Make sure you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing so you can customize the contact information that appears in the SERPs. Google reviews are also possible through your GMB profile, which can help raise brand recognition.

Also, make sure you let people know if your location will be open at different times throughout the holidays. Otherwise, you risk upsetting clients who arrive to find a locked door without warning.

Make a FAQ or Q&A page.

As the number of visitors to your website grows, so will the number of people who contact your customer support department. If you don’t already have one, create a FAQ or Q&A page that’s easily accessible from your homepage to answer some of the most common inquiries.

Use this page to address some of your clients’ most pressing (and frequently searched) brand concerns.

Make a strategy for dealing with out-of-stock items.

Unfortunate events may result in a long-term supply chain disruption for many online businesses. While you can hope that these problems will be rectified before the holidays, you should prepare for the worst-case scenario.

To gain a sense of the situation, talk to your suppliers and manufacturers right now. Then identify what efforts your team will take to prevent customers from going to your competitors if the product they desire isn’t available.

Meanwhile, you can begin receiving pre-orders or set up email alerts for when things return to stock. If the searching product is out of stock, add internal links to related products.

Ensure that your site can handle increased traffic

Finally, be sure your eCommerce site can handle the extra traffic during the busiest season of the year.

While many projections have been made about how this year’s internet shopping season will proceed, no one knows how much money customers will spend over these winter holidays. Prepare for the worst-case situation, which is that your website will be flooded with visitors, and make sure your eCommerce platform can manage it.

Consult your website developers or platform reps to see what preventative measures you may take to avoid a site crash.

It will take time to implement and start working on your SEO strategy. So, if you want to attract and keep holiday customers on your site, now is the time to assess your SEO strategy and begin making improvements.

How To Get Business Leads Using Social Media In 2021?

How To Get Business Leads Using Social Media In 2021?

How To Get Business Leads Using Social Media In 2021?

Improving your brand awareness and generating more business leads are the two main targets of every digital marketer and social media strategist. Social media platforms are no longer only surviving the only communication medium’s purposes. Along with the communication medium, these platforms are now the best medium to increase your brand awareness and lead generations.

You may be thinking that branding is possible from social media platforms, but how to generate genuine business leads? Yes, revenue lead generations are possible. Only you have to follow some easy tactics.

6 Easy Tips To Get Business Leads Using Social Media

Through the social media marketing trend, you can improve the audience’s engagements. And these engagements are going to drive more traffic to your website pages. Social media is a vast platform even you can expand your business internationally on social media. Your audiences are ready to listen. You only have to create some interest for them.

Check out the six easy tips to get genuine business leads using social media pages.

1.   Optimize, Optimize And Optimize

For every social media, lead campaigns depend on the organic method. Always use the optimized content to reach up to the maximum number of audiences. More features mean more interest you are creating among the audiences.

Every content positioning needs more precise information about your products, services, and contact details. This is the reason you always have to use optimized content. And for creating the optimized content, use the analytical tools to analyze the consumer’s requirements.

Do more research and analyze the viewer’s interesting areas to create optimized content. These content optimizations and SEO are the essential integral part of organic lead generations.

Digital Business Card Designs

2.   Give Your Business Contact Details

For real-life product sales and branding, radius targeting is a good option. But did you know you can even use radius targeting for your individual product marketing and lead generation? Most of the viewers are likely to contact you after they see your content.

So do not forget to use your contact details in your individual advertisement contents. Even now, you can mark your business locations on social media pages. This is a good strategy to generate more leads through organic traffic.

Contact details mean your office’s contact numbers, email id, and all social media pages link. These all types of information are bringing more belief to your products and services.

3.   Initiate Call To Action Command

The call to action command and the button both are good strategies to generate more leads. Call to action means you are initiating the communications and providing the proper directions to the audience. Usually, the audience views the advertisements from social media pages.

Then the interested consumers visit your website for more details. The easy guided pages are creating more interest among the consumers. And call to action is denoting the value of the advertisements.

Call to action is like initiating the urge among the audience. Supposes you are announcing some discounts on your products you always have to add the time frame of the order.

4.   Clickable Engaging Content

Enagaining contents and the proper directions are the tricks to attract organic traffic from the social media pages. So for your branding and advertisements, you have to create engaging content. And you have to add the clickable links which open up the separate page.

The written long content is not creating enough interest among the audience. On the other hand, theThe short story and the video contents always create more interest among the audiences. And because of the engaging nature of the content, audiences are starting to share it among their friends and other followers.

And when your content is viewed by some interesting audiences, they always want to visit your websites and find more details about your services. For this, you have to publish the contents with a clickable link and button.

5.   Social Media Lead Ad

You can try the social media lead ad after you are fed up with trying different organic methods for lead generations. In 2021 maximum numbers of media are introducing additional attractive marketing features for marketers.

For example, you can use the Facebook Toolkits to see the views list and the shared numbers. Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media have also initiated many new tools for marketers. These tools will refine your search and help you analyze all aspects of lead generation.

6.   Attractive Easy Design Landing Page

Your website landing page is like a mirror of your brand. When you are starting to add the links to your advertisement content, it is sure that almost 70% of the viewers are likely to visit your website from the link. And for your website landing page and the instructions, they are going to set their mind over the purchases.

Add the discounted products and services on the landing page with clickable links for a better impression. And when viewers click on your links, that means they are interested in your services.

But if your website starts taking more time to load, you will potentially lose a lead. On the other hand, fast-loading websites with attractive guided landing pages are constantly generating more leads.

Need help? We offer 1 on 1 expert digital marketing advice at Green Thoughts Consulting. Just reach out.


Social media is giving you a large number of audiences. But if you can not convince them properly, you can not get the exact numbers of potential business leads. These six tips will help you generate more potential leads and improve your sales turnovers. So, what types of tactics are you going to follow? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

Author Bio:

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of SB Newsroom. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Emblem Wealth and DreamLand Estate. He also likes to write in many international magazines and journals.

Ecommerce Web Development Agency – 7 Things to Note before Hiring One

Ecommerce Web Development Agency – 7 Things to Note before Hiring One

Ecommerce Web Development Agency – 7 Things to Note before Hiring One

Are you looking forward to hiring a web development agency as your business needs one? But wait for a minute and think, is that as easy as you think? Regardless of the size of your business, hiring a web development agency is a big decision.

In regards to this statement, let me tell you around 38% of the visitors stop visiting that website which is facing some development issues. So, keeping this in mind and in order to increase your customer base, it’s better to hire an eCommerce web development agency than trying yourself.

However, when you get yourself in the market, there is a large pool of web development agencies, but it becomes quite daunting to choose the best that aptly meets your needs.

Thus, to lend you a helping hand in choosing the best eCommerce web Development Company or get more info about the best eCommerce software, we have listed some of the most vital factors which you must consider before hiring one: –

First, know what you want from a web development company

Web development is much more than signifying the company’s name, address, and services to potential clients. Instead, it means building a unique interface that links the customers to your products and services.

So, in order to know what you need, start your journey by evaluating your business process and structure. Moreover, consider the products you are offering and your target audience. Keeping all these things in mind, order a web solution that simplifies your interaction with your clients.

Know your web development budget

Whether you hire a small web development company or a big one, everything comes under a budget. No matter if you are looking for an agency for a website or mobile application, all will be done via money. However, a website is indeed a company’s identity, so before hiring any of the companies, check out the company that meets both your budget and the needs of the business.

Moreover, while hiring a web development company or get more info about the best eCommerce software, you must talk to them about your plan as it will lead to the discovery of the best procedure that will boost your online sales.

Ask for the time they will take for web development

Well-organized and reputed web development agency takes their own time to process the plan. However, if you come to know the estimated time, it will be beneficial for you as you are paying them on an hourly basis. Apart from that, it also offers an insightful view of the development project.

The reason to ask this is that most companies do their work in phases and take around a month or two or sometimes a year to complete the project. Overall, the whole thing depends upon the size of the project.

Web Design Process Listen

What is their web design process?

The process is all about streamlining work by which all the goals and deadlines are met. Whichever company you choose for work, ensure to have an idea of their process. If you ask this, they will offer you a timeline for significant work so that you are available for your approval and review.

As it is said that an agile and repeatable process saves a lot of time and delivers high results. However, if there is no path on which the company must move, it will lead to a delayed launch with lots of frustrations.

Learn about our web design process here.

Request the profiles of the website eCommerce developers

Your experience with any web development company will go best with the person you will work with, no matter how much credit the company is? So, while hiring a web development agency for your eCommerce site, request them to show the list of developers and designers who will be working on our project for validation.

However, make sure the profiles will suit your project requirements. Apart from that, if you have some technical knowledge, ask them a few questions related to your project to validate their skills and experience.

Communication is the key to a successful website design

While doing the evaluation, make sure to validate the technology partner’s communication skills and their medium of communication. For example, there are times when personal meetings are not possible, so check whether they have alternate channels for communication like Skype chat, Google hangout, etc.

Remember, one key person from the development team should always be available during your working hours to discuss things.

ecommerce website design support
Web design support is a must have

Post-go-live support for your website

The agency you have hired must be able to offer support after the launch of the project. The reason is sometimes you need support for server management or digital marketing after the site is launched, so for this, you need an all-in-one company. Apart from that, have a single vendor to handle all of the issues related to the site as it will act as a boon to your business and also reduces the operational hassles.

Bonus Tips for Hiring a Website eCommerce Designer

Some of the bonus tips before hiring a web development agency or get more info about the best eCommerce software.

  • Don’t forget to check the size, experience, track records, credit rating, etc., of the company.
  • Also, check out testimonials, online reviews, etc social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Apart from the above, also check references in case you have hired the company via referrals, who have already worked with the company in the past.
  • Ask for the company’s contact details with whom they have worked to get the clear picture of a web development company.

If you need help with eCommerce website design you can learn more here.

The bottom line

If you want to excel in your business, then only a top-rated web Development Company can help you get a fully customized and competitive eCommerce site design. Apart from that, while hiring any company, make sure to ask the right questions to get a reliable technology partner.

We hope these above tips for hiring a suitable eCommerce web development agency will be useful. So, take the right decision after considering various points mentioned above and take your business to a new height. For more information, get more info about the best eCommerce software.

About The Author :

Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He loves to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development, and Game Development.




Activate Monetization On Facebook Page

How To Activate Monetization On Facebook Page

How To Activate Monetization On Facebook Page


So, you are spending all day clutching your phone, checking on the comments on your Facebook profile picture, or laughing at the meme that your best friend tagged you in. Not to surprise you, but do you know that people do business on Facebook?

Facebook has always been an ad-based social media site that also has options for business marketing. And if you have a page with some level of following, you have the chance to turn it into a monetized platform and earn a good amount of money.

So, you have a Facebook page, and you want to monetize the page, but it won’t be possible until you match the eligibility criteria for Facebook monetization. So, check the points below on how to fulfill the eligibility criteria for Facebook monetization.

facebook page for business

Check Your Page’sPage’s Monetization Eligibility

Follow these steps to check if your page is eligible for monetization

  • First open creator studio.
  • Click on the Monetization Tab on the left.
  • Select your page for eligibility check.
  • Click on apply to check successfully.

You will get any of three statuses suggesting whether the page is eligible or not.

If the result shows Green, it means that your page is eligible; If the result shows Yellow, your pages have some issues that are stopping them from getting monetized.

If the result shows Red, it indicates that your page is ineligible for monetization at the moment.

Capitalize On Mobile Audiences

Optimize your website for mobile audiences. For example, most Facebook users use mobile phones to log in and have their Facebook sessions. Reports show that mobile users of Facebook generate 50% of the Facebook traffic. You have to get this large number of users if you want to be eligible for Facebook monetization.

Promote and Sell eBooks

Selling digital content is possibly the easiest way to monetize Facebook monetization. Facebook has a great platform where you can sell your content and eBooks.

Sell Products Through Facebook App

Facebook Apps are not in use much these days. But you can still use them to sell products. You have to set up any of Facebook’sFacebook’s commerce apps, and you can sell your products through them.

Promote Products

While selling products, you can do more than just putting up posts about specific items that you are selling and invite the customers. You can promote products. You have to run offers. Create limited-time offers on your website and promote the offers on Facebook.

You can also use Facebook’s ad system to promote offers.

Earn From Ads

Include ads in your Facebook videos to earn money. You can either include the ads at the end of your video or add them in between. Facebook has a function that automatically calculates breaks within your videos and puts the ad there.

Your earnings, in this case, get determined by the number of views in the video. And the type of advertisement included in your video.

If you need marketing help we provide coaching for small businesses and entrepreneurs that get to the root cause of your online sales issues. We create a plan with ads and your website that will create positive ROI and sales. Learn more here.

monetize your facebook page

How To Activate Monetization On Facebook Pages?

You can earn from posts, videos, and pages on Facebook. Facebook offers tools for monetization. You have to be the admin of a page with a successful and considerable amount of followers. Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the Facebook monetization option Successfully.

  • Go to Facebook for creators using a computer.
  • Navigate to the Tools tab.
  • In the Options look for, click on the monetization Tool Application.
  • Scroll down to see the pages that you administer in the new window.
  • Doing so will show you the page of yours that fulfills the eligibility criteria for monetization. It will also show you the categories in which your pages fall behind for monetization eligibility. You can improve upon those types and get your page monetized.
  • Select the page that you wish to enroll into one of the monetization products.
  • Scroll down to get to the application form. Fill out the required details and then click submit.

You will get an email notifying you that the application has been verified. If you do not get any email, then check the affiliated email ID for malfunction.

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Facebook marketing has proven itself as a great way to expand the business. Even though this platform is falling behind in competition as a business platform, there is still an opportunity for business owners to sell, promote, and market products and services.

Monetizing a Facebook page is a great way to do business. You just need a monetized Facebook page. For monetizing and using Facebook as a business, you need working information. In this article, I have provided those pieces of information.

Author Bio
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at Online Health Media, Follow The Fashion & Content Rally & The Daily Notes & Smart Business daily & DreamLand Estate & Finance Team & Blogstellar & SB News Room & Online Marketing Tool & Tour & Travel & Dream & Travel. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.

6 SEO White Hat Techniques That Can Rank Your Website In 2022

white hat techniques

6 SEO White Hat Techniques That Can Rank Your Website In 2022 

Introduction to White Hat Techniques for SEO

Are you thinking about the ranking of the contents in SERP? Then you have to learn in the initial stage about the white hat techniques to rank the contents on the search engine. We are telling you; it is very easy to handle. Just get the tactics and then put forward the methods upwards. In this way, you will get your demand fulfilled. 

Google always works according to its algorithm, and that is why many of the users found this process difficult. But when you follow the white hat techniques, you will get in touch with new things. You follow the SEO Facts that will optimize your website. 

Sometimes, white hat techniques manage to cover the traffic as well. There are common things like meta description, introduction, keyword functioning, etc. You have to cover all things carefully to get your website boost. For the time being, you proceed to the white hat techniques and their works. 

What Is White Hat SEO?

White hat is a SEO strategy that focuses on the Google guidelines. However, you have to put them on content as your first priority. You can consider the whole process as White Hat SEO. 

Most of the content marketing industries love to follow these strategies as it is safe to put forward and also have fewer backlogs. However, for the betterment of the content and also the content marketing business, you have to take a look at the white hat techniques. 

You can follow the Best Free Small SEO Tools for learning in more detail. Let’s look at the white hat techniques. 

Best SEO White Hat Techniques To Rank on Website

Here are the best white hat techniques for you. You have to use them all to get a good rank on SERP. Before that, you have to know that Google’s algorithm changes in the span of time. However, whatever you will do to your website, make sure that you are also putting your own thought into it. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

You always have to keep in mind that you are following the mobile-friendly texture. You will have approximately 52% of viewers that use mobile phones to take a look at the tactics. However, the website design and the writing need to be like that.

If the reader found the paragraphs lengthy, it will get away from the website, so fix this problem as well. You have to make the website user-friendly then it will come on a rank. 

Quality Keyword Research

White hat techniques are also for the keywords. If you overlook the keyword used in the articles, it will never come in the rank. Google has its own guidelines, and when you publish content on the website, it will track whether you have followed the guidelines or not. 

If you don’t go through the keyword research, you can’t put the exact keyword in the content. This is why many times, the contents never come open the rank. 

Use schema On The Website

Schema provides a competitive edge to the websites. You can use the HTML schema on your website. You can consider a schema as the collection of tags. When you use those tags, the readers will come to the main page from them as well. 

Use it and drive your site into more traffic. 

Need help with link building and outreach? We specialize in this area. Give me a call today or get a quote.

Link Building

Website ranking and the white hat techniques are both sometimes emerges. If you can get massive traffic on your site, then automatically, the content will come on the rank. However, you also have to focus on the link buildings. 

You build several links on the website and then you get your demand fulfilled. Create the links and then see many people will directly switch on to the main page from many sites. 

Reader Friendly Writing

Make your writing ss readers friendly. You have to focus that whatever you are writing is easy to read. You don’t know the age of the readers. This is why you have to make the language smooth and also conversational. 

The white hat techniques give stress to the language. You tend to write in simple sentences. It will be easier for the readers. On the other hand, it will fetch the rank of the website on google. 

Content Framing

According to the white hat techniques, when you are writing an article, this has to be prominent and also attractive. This will be done when you will place the H2, H2, title, and other things in a serial. There is a proper rule for writing articles. So, follow to get a rank on google. 

Have you got the point cleared? If you get the exact point of SEO white hat techniques, then reflect them in your articles. 

Get your Quote
Get a Quote for SEO

The Bottom Line for SEO that is White Hat Technique

Here are the necessary things about the white hat techniques. While you will write an article, keep in mind the SEO Strategies and write accordingly. Writing is the main part of a website. Don’t miss them.

Your article will come up in the rank only when you will put all things well in the content. However, start following the white hat techniques from today. And then see for the best results to come forward in the next few days. 

Author bio:

Sofia kelly is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Sofia kelly is associated with Tech Mag News, Plus Lifestyles, World Tech24, Exclusive Rights, Worthy To Share, Voice of Action, lower My Legal Fees, Simply Law Zone, Circle Box Blog, Istana Green World & World News Inn.

Local SEO Can Help Grow Your Business

5 ways seo can help grow your local business

5 Ways Local SEO Can Help Grow Your Local Business

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) enhances your online search engine outcomes or (SERP) positions on internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, helping you to grow your local business.

Seems basic, appropriate?

Not always. If you’re still a bit clouded on how exactly Search Engine Optimization can assist you to broaden your business, you’re not alone.

It is just one of the most regularly asked questions we get at Green Thoughts Consulting SEO services business. While many believe SEO is too expensive local SEO packages can be an affordable option for businesses that target a specific area.

To help clear the connection between Search Engine Optimization as well as local business development we have outlined the top 5 ways in which Search Engine Optimization can boost your bottom line:

Organic SEO Traffic increasing over time

1) Local SEO Rises Your Inbound Traffic

As a small company owner, you recognize just how much energy and time it requires to create leads via paid advertisements and also cold-calling, and also the relatively low return-on-investment of those marketing initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization targets leads that are actively looking for the services and products you give, conserving your money on outbound advertising while raising the number of qualified leads that connect with your organization.

With an increase in traffic sometimes you can get traffico anomalo google error that means your traffic is from unknown sources. You can resolve it just by using a VPN or also removing your browser caches.

2) It Gives Your Organization with A Reputation

Customers are conditioned to associate the integrity of a business with their search engine ranking. The usual idea is that the ‘best’ services can be found on the initial web page or 2 of the SERPs, while low-ranking sites have a tendency to generate less-than-positive assumptions from potential and current customers. SEO helps raise your SERP ranking, which in turn plays a huge duty in conversions, sales, as well as brand acknowledgment. Learn more about the customer journey here.

3) Local Search Engine Optimization Provides Long Lasting Results

Unlike a 30-second advertisement placed on the local radio terminal, a time-limited billboard project, or a print ad in the weekend paper.

SEO supplies long-lasting, ongoing advertising and marketing benefits for your local business.

Getting an SEO package will raise your online exposure over time, which helps you maintain a high ranking in the online search engine results.

In the end, it provides you with an excellent ROI on your advertising and marketing budget plan.

4) You Manage The Expenses

When you work with an SEO specialist to improve your online search engine rankings, you’ll know exactly what the services cost upfront, giving you full control over your digital marketing spend.

You can select which Search Engine Optimization solutions make good sense for your local business. Additionally, you can add on other features as your digital advertising and marketing grows and develops over time.

Plans like Backlink Building, Social Media platform publishing (e.g. Pikdo, Facebook, and others) as well as content marketing can all help your small business stick out from your competitors.

Need help building a well-rounded plan for your marketing? Signup up for a coaching session to get your marketing on track today.

5) On Page Local SEO Makes Your Website More User-Friendly

Online search engine formulas, which are known as algorithms determine which websites are presented in what area of the rankings. What place will Google or Bing put your site in? 1st or the dreaded no man land of the 2nd page.

When a user keys in a search term the specific search engine will offer up websites that are user-friendly giving them preferential treatment. In this way, SEO involves improving the overall ‘user experience’ on your small business website.

Elements like how rapidly your site loads (site speed), how very easy it is to browse, and also whether or not your site is ‘mobile friendly’ all effect both your standing in the SERPs as well as the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

In fact, a simple “1-second delay in web page response can result in a 7% decrease in conversions,” per one study cited on

By boosting the customer experience on your small business website, you’ll enjoy greater search engine rankings, attract more visitors, as well as boost your conversion prices.

It’s a win-win for the visitors to your site and your bottom line!

Responsive vs. Mobile-First Design

Responsive vs. Mobile-First Design

Responsive vs. Mobile-First Design: How is One Different from the Other?

Over the years, mobile phone usage has increased dramatically. Case in point: in 2011, more people owned mobile phones than toothbrushes! In 2021, the number of smartphone users has grown to a staggering 3.8 billion. This translates to over 48.20% of the population.

The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) report indicated that close to 2 billion people use their phones to browse the internet. People also use their smartphones to access social media, emails, music, games, and others. By 2025, a projected 72.6% of people will use their phones to access the internet.

The statistics above highlight the importance of creating web pages that function well on mobile devices. Clearly, you need more than just creative web design to ensure your site visitors have a pleasant browsing experience. It’s safe to assume mobile browsing is here to stay. That said, you need to keep mobile users in mind in your web marketing efforts.

Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile-First Design

How is responsive web design different from mobile-first design? Which approach is right for your business? To answer this question, you need to first determine your target audience. You also need to factor in the actions you want them to do and how they access your website.

Are they accessing your site on their desks, or are they on the move? Are they using a 3G connection or WiFi? Once you know the answers to these questions, it’s easier for you to figure out which of the two suits your needs best. Unfortunately, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to these two concepts.

Many assume the two are the same. However, they are two different things. For starters, while a mobile-first website is always responsive, a responsive site is not always mobile-first. Mobile-first is a technical approach, while responsive web design is a deliberate design choice focused on how people interact with mobile devices.

Learn more about our web design services here.

Our team working on a mobile first web design
Our Team Working on Web Design

Responsive Web Design in a Nutshell

Responsive web design will respond to changes in device display sizes. So when your website is displayed on a smartphone, you will see different dimensions compared to when you view the site on your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

You can liken responsive web design to water—it fits into whatever you pour it into. Since it shifts content to fit other devices rather than focus on the visitors’ experience on those devices, the mobile experience is deemed lacking.

A website is of the utmost importance to your business.

Mobile-First Web Design in a Nutshell

On the other hand, mobile-first is considered a proactive approach to web design. It is not only about creating a website that works on mobile devices, it is also about creating a design that’s primarily for users on mobile devices.

Key Features of Mobile-First Design

1. Expandable “Hamburger” Menu

When browsing using your phone, it would be annoying to open multiple tabs. Unfortunately, many responsive websites will require you to click multiple times just to navigate a single interior page. A mobile-first design can improve the navigation process significantly.

For instance, some websites use an accordion-style navigation menu to give visitors a preview of what they can find in each section. It is also more user-friendly since they can simply scan the sections and directly access the information they need.

2.  Larger Buttons

Mobile phone users navigate websites using their thumbs. That said, the mobile-first design pays special attention to anything the visitors are supposed to click. This means hyperlinked sections are larger, buttons are more prominent, and items in a clickable list are spaced further apart.

3.  Consolidated Content

When it comes to the mobile experience, less is more. While responsive websites will condense all content on a desktop, it is not typically conducive to those visitors who use their mobile phones. Mobile-first websites will simplify bulky content and present information in a way mobile users will find engaging.

4. Larger Font Sizes

The text size is also crucial in reading comprehension. To further improve readability on mobile-first websites, font sizes are no smaller than 16 pixels. This is important, so mobile users won’t need to zoom in just to read the content.

When it comes to header texts, going larger is recommended. The bottom line is to make information and content easy to scan to find what they are looking for right away. Large headings can also be used to separate content into scannable sections.

The key differences? Mobile First vs Responsive Design
The key differences? Mobile First vs Responsive Design

Responsive vs. Mobile-First Design: Key Difference

The primary difference between the two is how the designer approaches the website. A mobile-first design is created and executed in tandem with the desktop site. In other words, it involves making proactive changes to the website’s overall design to ensure the mobile experiences can mimic the desktop experience. On the other hand, a responsive design is reactive. This means the design moves fluidly to fit devices.

Need a Quote on a Website that Works? Click here
Need a Quote on a Website that Works? Click here

Final Thought

While both designs can make websites more accessible on various devices, a mobile-first experience is considered better as it provides a more favorable user experience. This can be attributed to the fact that many important factors are considered during the design process, including load time, font size, and the use of white space. If unsure which of the two your site and brand needs more, invest in the services of an expert so you can be guided accordingly.

Build Trust With Good Website Design

build trust with web design

5 Tips to Build Trust With Website Design

Did you know that most people form an opinion of a website within 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) of landing on it? With that first glance, people decide whether they can trust you or not — often based on the design of your website alone. A good website design builds trust. That’s why it is so important to focus on building trust when designing your website.

This article will go over five tips to help you build trust with website design.

1. Keep Your Design Professional and Modern

An outdated design immediately brings up feelings of distrust and suspicion. If your website looks like it’s out of the 90s, it’s going to be hard for people to trust it. That’s why you need to get a modern, professional theme that looks great, is easy to navigate, and is clean and professional.

Let’s go over some things to pay attention to in this regard.

First, your website needs to be clean. That means you need to cut down on the number of pop-ups and advertisements on your site. You’re probably only getting a few cents per click from those ads, so ask yourself if they are worth it.

self playing videos are not good for user experience

You also need to avoid self-playing videos, flashy colors, distracting animations, and anything else that adds more clutter than value. Use black text on white background, not white text on black background — the latter is just too hard on the eyes. In general, try to include plenty of white space.

You also need high-quality media. Use professional, premium photos in your posts, and use a great logo. Avoid public domain stock photos you found on the web or Google Images — many bloggers use the same public domain images, and it looks lazy.

Finally, your website needs to be responsive on all devices of all sizes. A mobile-responsive theme is a must. You need to make sure mobile users can access your menu, fill out forms, click call-to-action buttons, and read the text — the text shouldn’t be too wide for the screen.

We specialize in digital marketing, which includes web designs that work and convert. Get a quote below.

2. Build Your Brand

A strong brand helps build trust, and a strong brand requires consistency. While there are many things you should be consistent with, there are two main aspects that will stand out the most: your color palette and your tone of voice.

The colors you use in your branding should be consistent across all branding materials. That includes your:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • Emails
  • Advertisements
  • Offline flyers
  • Television ads
  • And so on

You might not have thought about it much, but there are specific color palettes that you usually associate with particular brands. Let’s go over some examples:

  • Green, lime green, yellow, and white — Sprite
  • Red, blue, and white — after the US flag, you’d probably think of Pepsi
  • Red and yellow — McDonald’s

Of course, context matters. If you are buying a soda in the store, and you see Pepsi’s colors, you’ll automatically think of Pepsi; in another context, you might think of the US flag. The specific shades of those colors matter as well.

Color palettes help increase brand recognition and help people remember you.

You also need a consistent tone of voice. Keep a consistent tone of voice:

  • On your blog
  • On social media
  • In your emails
  • In your messages and conversations with consumers

That way, people will know what to expect from you. They will know you are consistent and stick to a certain set of values.

build social proof to increase website design trust

3. Highlight Social Proofs

Social proof is important when building trust. When people come across a business online, the first thing they often look for is what other people are saying. People trust other people’s opinions online.

One way to highlight social proof is by showing awards or certifications you received. It doesn’t matter if the certification was big or small — most consumers don’t know the difference, and just having a badge affirming your award will often do wonders for your conversion rates.

If you did not receive any awards or certifications, you can always add simple trust badges to your website. Many WordPress plugins will help you do that. For example, you can add a Visa or Mastercard icon, a GoDaddy trust seal if you host on GoDaddy, or a DigiCert Trust badge if you have an SSL certificate from DigiCert.

Testimonials are important too. Try to get a few testimonials from customers and display them on your site. You can make a separate page with testimonials that you link to, or you can display a testimonial or two in your footer or sidebar.

Important: Make sure to include pictures and names with your testimonials, so people feel that the testimonials are coming from real people.

The reason testimonials work so well is that people put a lot of trust in online reviews. Testimonials on your website might seem somewhat less trustworthy, so consider linking to or highlighting reviews you have received on other platforms as well, such as:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp

Since those reviews are on third-party platforms that you do not control, people tend to trust them a little more.

In addition to text testimonials, consider embedding a video testimonial. In a video testimonial, the speaker can tell a story and connect with their audience more. Videos by actual people often seem more real than a short paragraph with someone’s picture next to it.

Case studies on results you have achieved for your clients are perfect as well. You can make all kinds of claims and promises, but nothing beats real results, backed up with real data.

4. Make It Easy to Get in Touch

A good website design will make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you will drive more sales, as people will be able to ask questions and relieve common pre-purchase doubts and hesitations.

However, by making it clear how people can get in touch with you, you also help build trust. It shows you are transparent with your customers and that you are ready and willing to answer any questions. It also shows you are confident in the value of what you have to offer.

Some things to highlight on your website include your:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Your address is especially important as a local business. Consider also embedding a Google Maps widget, so people can find directions to your location in Google Maps. Need help? Contact us today.

Having an email address is the bare minimum, but having a phone number that people can call to talk with a real person builds even more trust.

You can display your contact information in your header, sidebar, or footer. You can also add a contact page to your sidebar menu, but people shouldn’t have to look around your website for a way to contact you. You want your contact information to be clear and visible from the get-go, as soon as customers land on your site.

Make sure any contact information on your website is consistent with the contact information listed on your local citations.

5. Show Authority

Finally, you need to show that you are an authority in your niche and that you know what you’re doing. If you offer plumbing services, for example, or you are an HVAC technician, how will people know that you are any good at what you do?

A great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise is to offer valuable information on your blog. A blog allows you to not only help people but also show that you understand common problems and have the solutions to fix them. You can also talk about common mistakes that people make — including other professionals in your field — so people know you are unique and provide a better service.

Building a social following is another effective way to show authority. That goes back to the social proof aspect we talked about — when a lot of people follow you, it shows that others value your opinions and trust you, which builds trust in new visitors.

It’s not enough to have a lot of followers, however. You need your followers to engage with your content. If you have a lot of followers but no engagement, it will seem as if you bought followers, which is terrible for building trust.

Here are some tips for building up a social following and showing authority on social media:

  • Fill out your bio and upload a professional logo or photo
  • Post helpful content consistently
  • Mix up your content
  • Post images and videos
  • Consider posting helpful links to resources published on other websites (as long as they are not competitor websites)
  • Like and share posts made by others in your niche
  • Encourage discussions and comments
  • Respond to comments

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it all boils down to trust. Can consumers trust you enough to give you their money? If you can build trust, you will increase your conversion rates, improve your online brand and reputation, and get more sales. You will also get more word-of-mouth referrals. A good website design will build the needed trust if you follow the steps outlined above.

In addition to these five tips, always provide excellent customer service, both before and after a sale. Providing professional support is an integral part of building trust. Be attentive and make your customers feel heard. Accept feedback, including constructive criticism, and use it to improve your services.

Importance of Web Design To Your Business

importance of web design for business

Importance of Web Design To Your Business

Are you wondering why many businesses are willing to pay top dollar for web design work? Consider this: most consumers nowadays search for product information online before purchasing. This type of consumer behavior highlights the importance of having a content-rich, functional, and modern web design.

With competition becoming increasingly fierce, creating a basic website for your business would no longer suffice. Since it is considered one of your online presence’s critical elements, it must be designed right. If your site leaves much to be desired, you won’t be able to convert potential leads into paying customers.

Why Website Design Matters

Here’s an interesting statistic: A staggering 75 percent of online users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone. Understandably, when you come across a website with an outdated design, more often than not, you won’t think highly of the company it represents.

It is possible that you may even question the quality of the products or services they are offering, doubt their legitimacy, or visit a competitor’s website to find what you are looking for. It is important to remember that first impressions are powerful, and their first impression of your site can either make them stay or drive them away.

just how important is web design to your business

The Importance of Web Design for Your Business

While unfortunate to note, poor design will not only hurt your credibility, it can also drive potential customers away. Below are other reasons why you need to make good web design a top priority:

It can help create a favorable first impression.

It takes just a few seconds for visitors to form an impression of your website. That said, you need to ensure you can create a great first impression in the first few seconds your visitors will land on your site. This is something your web design can help you accomplish.

It is also crucial that you update your site when needed to ensure it stays relevant and to guarantee a remarkable user experience. Fortunately, your site does not have to be brought down for updates to be patched. Nowadays, many expert web developers and designers can integrate updates seamlessly.

It can make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Your web design has a massive impact on how easy it will be for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Some research indicates that 86 percent of site visitors are looking for service or product information, 65 percent are looking for contact information, while 52 percent want to read the About page.

It is recommended that your web design should make finding those crucial elements easy. Otherwise, you can end up frustrating your visitors and, worse, driving them away. In line with this, consider placing primary services in your website’s main navigation. It would also be a good idea to feature the contact number in the upper right-hand corner.

amplify your conversions with a great website for business
amplify your conversions

It can help amplify your conversions.

Want to increase your conversions significantly? Your website design can help! Start by creating a design that highlights calls to action and draws attention to special offers. It is reassuring to know there are various ways you can optimize your web design for maximum conversion. Let us examine two different but equally powerful examples:

One of the foolproof ways you can draw attention toward the desired action is to use open or white space around the call-to-action. One established brand that employs this technique is Apple. The brand is known for its bold images and simple and clean designs surrounded by lots of white space.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Amazon. While most Amazon pages are crowded with product options and information, one thing always stands out: the yellow Add to Cart button. Even if the page is busy with contrasting colors and different styles, you are still drawn to the ever-important conversion button.

It can make your site look and function on all devices.

Nowadays, most online searches occur on mobile devices, and the trend has no signs of slowing down. With Google now encouraging a mobile-first approach, a web design that’s mobile-friendly is recommended if you want to stay relevant. Many users also think a mobile website design should be just as good as a desktop website design.

Unfortunately, some web designers focus too much on making the website visually appealing that they forget about mobile friendliness. In today’s mobile-friendly world, a superior website design should go beyond a single screen. Ideally, your website should be responsive and should function accordingly on all devices regardless of size.

You can learn more about common web design mistakes here.

It can help strengthen your search engine optimization efforts.

A well-rounded website design is not about the visual elements on the front end alone. However, it is essential to remember that how the design comes together can significantly impact your search engine optimization efforts.

For instance, if your website design has too many large images or loads slowly, it will drive visitors away and impact your SEO efforts negatively.

If you would like a free SEO site audit just message us today to get on the schedule.

user experience is key to making a great website

It is easy to maintain.

While it can be an expensive investment at the beginning, a well-designed website is worth every penny. Aside from the fact that they are way easier to develop, well-designed websites are also straightforward to maintain.

Not only that, maintaining a website that’s properly designed will also cost much less. With less maintenance work and cost, you can focus your time on other aspects of the business that need your immediate attention. We specialize in website design for businesses to get started simply fill out a quote request.


Your website design is one of the most powerful tools you can use to take your business to the next level. That said, it’s safe to assume it is one of those investments that will provide the most bang for your buck.

It is also recommended that you invest in professional help to ensure your website design is optimized accordingly so you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

What can a Social Media Aggregator do

social media aggregator

What can a Social Media Aggregator do in 2021?

According to the recent reports, more than 86% of the brand uses user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy (source). And that is justified, as UGC is marketing gold. It provides a boost to the business and helps in capturing more audiences.

No one can deny that social media creators are creative and produce entertaining content that can hook viewers for a long duration of time. You can bring the same magic to your website by using a powerful, simple yet responsive free social media aggregator.

What are social media aggregators?

Social media aggregator is an amazing tool that helps you collect content from various social media platforms as per your desired source, then allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website.

Social media networks provide embedding links that users can embed on their websites, but unfortunately, this process is time-consuming, as you have to copy the link one by one. Moreover, you cannot make your desired customization. Hence, social media aggregators jump in for the rescue.

The tools ease your embedding process and provide various features and additional benefits, making it a needful marketing tool in 2021. This blog will be discussing a few of the amazing benefits that this tool provides. which makes it an ideal tool. So without any further delays, let’s get into it.

Social Media aggregator and content

Benefits of Social media aggregator tool

#1 Makes your website engaging

A brand needs an engaging website to hold visitors on the website. We all know that the more visitors stay on the website, the more chances he will learn more about the products and eventually instill interest in the brand.

On the other hand, social media users are very creative and use their artistic side while posting any content. Often people get engaged with their content and remain hooked to it for hours. Hence, by displaying this content on your website, you educate your visitors about your product and spark an interest in them with this entertaining content.

Also, one cannot track all the content related to the business and keep track of when people are posting, which is where social media aggregators play. If you have set the source for the content related to your brand, then as soon as someone will post anything related to your brand. Hence, it increases the engagement on the website.

#2 Increases the charm of your website

Different social media networks have a different focus on the media type. For example, Instagram is known for being a visual-based medium where people post images and videos.

Hence, when you compile all the types of content from different social media networks and display them on your website, it brings charm to the website.

Like, you can use Instagram feed to showcase images or videos related to your content or showcase visual-based content that people upload using your product. It brings liveliness and vibrancy to your website and makes it pleasing to the eyes. At the same time, you can also use a Twitter feed to showcase the latest trends, news, and updates related to your industry so people remain informed about the latest happenings about the industry.

currated content and social media aggregator

#3 Helps you in curating the quality content

One cannot control what people post on social media networks but with the help of social media aggregators, you can control what your feeds show to the visitors.

Many social media aggregators provide you with the ability to monitor the feed. That means you can control the feed and filter out all unwanted, spam, and irrelevant content from your websites’ feed and maintain the quality of your website.

Without social media aggregators, it would be a tiresome process to look into the content one by one. With social media aggregators, you can automate moderation and provide relevant content on your website.

#4 Boosts UGC

User-generated content is gold for marketers. It keeps on providing great returns and helps them in gaining market recognition. As a social media user produces content related to your brand, his social circle will also get to know about your brand, and if algorithms help, more people will be able to view the content and learn about your brand.

Hence, you need a medium to boost UGC as it eventually helps you to reach more audiences and market your brand. So, users feel respected when a brand features their content on their website. It shows that your brand cares about the users. It eventually encourages users to post more content related to your brand so that they get a regular feature on the website, and at the same time, it is a chance to get a feature for the new users.

So, the brands get recognition, and users get a chance to get a feature on the website, and eventually, it is a win-win situation.

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Social media aggregators are an amazing tool that helps you in capturing the content related to your business. Moreover, it eases your embedding process and helps you in enhancing your brand recognition. In this new age of digitalization, social media aggregators are a boon for marketers. You can find these tools easily on the internet, so use them and take your business to new heights.

5 Advantages Of Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Startup In 2021

digital marketing

5 Advantages Of Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Startup In 2021

Are you thinking of starting a business in 2021? You will need to face many challenges on your way. Some of the common areas where the challenges occur include competition, capital, ideas, and others. However, poor marketing strategies are the most common issue that prevents startups from growing among all the different issues. Therefore, you need to choose the best marketing strategies if you want your business to grow.

Even with a good team, unique idea, and sufficient funds is not enough without a strategy. In 2021, digital marketing strategies are most popular to make a profit and grow your business. Want to find out some of the advantages of internet marketing strategies? Here are some of the most common ones given below.

1.  Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness for digital marketing

The most important thing about internet marketing is the awareness boost. Most internet marketing strategies help to increase brand awareness. Some of the specific ones, like social media marketing, are very effective in improving it. You can raise the brand awareness of your website with blog posts, SEO, social media sites, emails and newsletters, and others. Even when you are not creating revenue in an event, it can still multiply the brand awareness.

When you have strong brand awareness, people who are not potential customers will think about your brand while shopping later on. In addition, it makes your business much more visible to people. So, when they want to buy a product you are selling, they will reach your website. This is one of the most important advantages of internet marketing that can help your business grow a lot.

2.  Relationship Building

You have to make sure that you have an excellent relationship with your customers. In this competitive market, having a good relationship with the customer is the only way to ensure loyal customers. Internet marketing strategies help to provide the platform to create a bond with the customers. You can interact with them and learn more details or answer their queries to earn their trust.

A business must have some loyal customers if they want to grow as a company. The best way to earn trust and gain loyal customers is by creating relationships. However, it takes a lot of time to gain the trust of customers. You have to be constant and very responsive to answer all their questions and clear doubts. Even a single unanswered question can make a difference.

Some of the best internet marketing strategies that will help you create relationships include email marketing, social media marketing, and others. We can help and you can learn more about our coaching and done for you services.

3.  Boost Online Visibility

Boost online visibility for digital marketing

While traditional marketing helps you get leads from the local area, internet marketing allows you to break the barrier. You can get leads from any place outside your local area. Without any geographical barriers, you can reach anywhere you want. However, you need to be visible to customers to grow your business. Reaching out to customers is not effective when you are not visible to them. You have to make sure that they are following you and know the name of your brand.

According to reports, most customers now search with a brand name instead of searching for the product. So, you need to make sure that you appear on the first page of the search result. It will both enhance your online visibility and increase the chance of customers making a purchase. You need to make sure that you are visible to customers and they are thinking about your website.

One of the best ways to boost online visibility is through Search Engine Optimization, which Green Thoughts Consulting offers at an affordable rate. Get a quote here.

4.  Cost-Effective

The internet marketing strategies are very cost-effective, which makes them perfect for startups. Even if you have low funds, you can use these strategies to make your business grow. Although it is much more cost-effective than others, the result is always higher compared to traditional marketing. It helps to save capital when the resources are used very efficiently. It becomes very rewarding and beneficial if used well.

According to reports, the total cost of inbound lead generation is more than 61 percent lower than the traditional process of lead generation. This is one of the reasons why startups choose internet marketing for their business. It both saves money and resources and provides excellent results.

5.  Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting for internet Marketing strategies

You might know which of the following is a core benefit of Google Ads automated bidding. Yes, it is the auction-time bidding that helps to improve the performance of the ads. Similar to this, there are many internet marketing strategies that focus on targeting specific customers to improve the conversion rate. This option is not available in traditional marketing. But, you can decide who can see the ad, customize them based on the viewers, and take complete control of them.


These are the most important advantages of internet marketing strategies that every startup should follow in 2021. Startup businesses are similar to small plants that need complete nourishment to grow. The efficiency, great results, and opportunities are very high on internet marketing strategies.

Guest Post was written by Kacee Christian a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of simplylawzone. She contributes to many authority blogs such as worldhealthlife, techmagnews, truehealthtips,

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