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Green Thoughts Consulting Gives Back

A few of our staff at Green Thoughts Consulting had the opportunity to give back to a pet and veterinarian rescue in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We were out of the country on both business and pleasure and took an afternoon to bring over 3 full bags of dog and cat supplies along with vet supplies to a local charity in the area.

We visited Las Animas Dog Rescue in Puerto Vallarta, which houses around 45 dogs presently. There is a huge problem in most countries including the United States when it comes to stray animals that are abandoned by there owners. The Las Animas Dog Rescue was happy to have us visit for the afternoon and drop off supplies.

We also offered our services for an updated or redesigned website. More to come on that soon enough.

For now enjoy these pictures of Green Thoughts Consulting giving back.

It was a heart warming and heart wrenching expericne for many of us. The younger kids in our group were hit especially hard by the reality of life in a third world country. While the care at Las Animas Dog Rescue was spot on the overall cleanliness and tidiness of the landscape, yards, ans surrounding areas were an eye opener for the kids. We all noticed strays at a greater rate once leaving the facility and moving about the city.

It’s good to give back and good to be grateful for what we have.

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