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We are a Chattanooga Web Design company that designs beautiful websites.  The custom option provides clients with a custom solution that drives Return on Investment. Websites should be more than pretty brochures. A company website needs to act as a growth engine powering lead generation and nurturing sales. Our prices are affordable.

SEO services for those that are interested in being seen and increasing the sites visibility on the Search Engines.  We optimize sites both On-Page and Off-Page using White-Hat techniques.  See your organic search traffic surge. Chattanooga’s best SEO company for your needs.

We provide PPC services for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. We have technology that eliminates fraudulent clicks to your ads by bots and competitors saving you money and increasing ROI.

Consulting and Marketing services will provide the largest Return on Investment for your business long term.  We provide step-by-step help to determine your ideal client and to help you speak to them in a manner that gets potential clients taking action.

Web Design Process Listen

We Listen to You.

In this first phase we focus on not just hearing you but actively understanding the goals of your website.  This involves your dreams for it, color choices, designs you like that you have seen, the style you have in mind. 

However, we will also ask questions about your industry, how you do business and how you see your website functioning in your business structure.  Do you sell online? Are you looking for leads? 

These questions are important and they help us provide you with a great affordable custom web design that actually makes an impact and meets your needs.

We Lead You in the Planning

Naturally, gathering information is great, but a solid outcome requires focused actions on our parts.  Simply put just listening and understanding you won’t get the work done. 

Further, the planning phase allows you to know you were heard by us.  It is a reciprocal action where we come back to you after listening and show you what we heard and what the might look like in a web design.

We have owned a Chattanooga area based custom web design business for over 10 and in doing so we have helped literally hundreds of owners see the vision they spoke to us about.  

Practically, this means we provide you with a mock-up (custom web design service option) or alternatively we provide you with choices of mock-ups (affordable web design service option) to get the ball rolling.  We share our vision for your web design based on what you have told us.


Web Design Process Plan
Web Design Process Design

The Web Design Itself

As a premier Chattanooga Web Design company we strive for excellence. Once it is clear that we have formally agreed on a concrete and measurable outcome for the site it is time to build it. You will literally sign off on the design we agreed upon in the planning phase, which signals to us that the job is a go.  

The plan will include a time table for the project completion and includes a timeline of events that you can keep up with- these might include initial design itself, review of that design, change and tweaks, etc.

During this part of the process we stay up late and drink lots of coffee while you do your thing.  We code and build a website per the plan.  

When we finish the web design we check in with you again. Once again our cozy Chattanooga Tn design studio stays dark again during the night.  We review the site together and do some initial testing. Once we have everything right and you love your web design we move to the last step in our process.

The Delivery of Your Website

Your new or updated web design is complete.  We button up things and get ready to provide you with some training and a test drive.

Training includes getting together in person or remotely, whichever works best, and reviewing the site and getting your other team members involved.

This may mean a marketing team member might need to call in or be a part of this meeting in order to turn over the keys.  This will vary by business and by the size of an organization.

We will then get a final sign off on the website. If something is still not right we will fix it. Once it is agreed things are as they should be we begin formal website baseline testing with our SEO tools. 

We will setup the analytic software of your choice; further we optimize the final on-page search engine optimization content.  We then give you the keys. 

Web Design Process Deliver


Dalton Collision Center

"Jeff changed my social media, built a better website, and implemented business tools that have really helped. I would recommend him 100 times over."

Magic City Parking Logo

Magic City Parking

"We could not have been more pleased with the website redesign and search engine optimization we have received. We went from almost zero traffic to lots of leads each month!"

Jason Ensley

"Green Thoughts has provided top notch marketing services to my business for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the results he has achieved. From building and hosting websites, running Google & Facebook ads, Jeff takes a personal approach to provide solutions. Highly recommend!