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You have most likely landed here because you are looking for a digital marketing agency to design your web page in the McLean Virginia area. You’ve found an experienced agency in Green Thoughts with loads of experience.

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How do you choose the right web designer for your business?

When looking for any design solutions or marketing services we highly recommend you do your due diligence. The selection of a web design company in the greater Washington DC area can be a difficult task with all the noise out there. I’m including several boxes you should look for an online marketing agency to check.

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What is the designer’s and developer’s approach to usability?

Asking about user experience will help you understand the company’s focus – namely, whether or not they have the most important thing in mind: the visitor. The visitor is your potential customer. Is there anything more important when it comes to web development? The short answer is no.

What’s the best answer a web designer can give you?

“There is nothing more important than the user’s experience on your web site. What good is a site that gets loads of traffic from search engines and none of it converts? We put the user first when we design websites and in doing so we create an environment where the user feels at home.”

-Jeff Green owner Green Thoughts Consulting
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Look for a company that wants to have a conversation with you.

Building a web design in McLean and surrounding areas for clients means the design is a custom web page. You don’t want to hire someone that will only use cookie-cutter templates for you just like a hundred other sites. This means you need to find a website design and search engine company that will listen to you and have a conversation with you.

Is this more time-consuming on your part? Yes.

However, the result will be in the finished product. The knowledge and professionalism of the website designer will come through during the conversation about your new site. In turn, the search results will love your site because your designer will optimize copy, images, and user experience through the dialogue you have with them.

Please ask this question. Rest assured at Green Thoughts Consulting we are passionate about usability and user experience.

We deeply value conversation of this sort at Green Thoughts Consulting and it is a prerequisite when we onboard clients.

Look at sites they’ve designed to see if you like their style.

When looking for a website design in McLean VA it’s important to take note of the portfolio provided by the agency you have contacted. The “proof is in the pudding” as they say. Do you like the sites they have designed? Do you feel this agency can meet your requirements based on the body of work they are showing you?

You can also check out their social media pages to validate the work they are doing. You are already aware they have good search engine optimization because you found their site online right!

Always review a portfolio.

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Ask what’s included in the price

Most designers do not include content or copy so if you need help with these you may need a copywriter and either to organize a photoshoot or purchase stock images. We personally highly recommend not using stock photos.

User engagement shows that visitors to sites can “feel” the authenticity of a site based on images used. Don’t take my word for it.

You can either ask for a quote based on your exact specifications (I recommend this) or ask about packages but be clear on how many revisions are included, what ongoing support looks like, and what training will be given if you are managing the site yourself once it’s live.

An important word on monthly packages vs One Time Payments

A monthly package or subscription is all the new rage in software as a service model, which most agencies are adopting.

However, do the math. A website that has a one-time fee of 2000 dollars may seem initially steep, but it is far cheaper than a 250/month website for the next 3 years, you end up with a $9000.00 website in exchange for cash flow.

Many web design companies are looking for a downpayment and then take on a monthly subscription. Don’t do it.

Another word of caution is to always ask if you own your site. Many seemingly cheap website design companies that charge a subscription will buy the domain for you and hold it if you don’t pay.