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Jeff Green

Owner and CEO of Green Thoughts

I love helping business owners bring an idea into being. Using our DDTC method we help you define, design, get traffic, and convert it. I have over 13 years of experience in the area of website design and development, Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media advertising, and marketing strategy experience. We are all about creating something that will grow the dream you have. Reach out today if you would like to discuss your next project.

Web Designer Chassidy Eralie

Chassidy Eralie

Web and Graphic Design

I love being creative and exploring that part of myself. I find a lot of joy in working with clients to get their idea just right. I have enjoyed working with GTC since moving to Chattanooga TN.

A Chattanooga Web Design Company

Green Thoughts Consulting a Chattanooga Web Design Company came into being in the Spring of 2011.  At that time the company was located in Georgia. Jeff Green functioned as a website designer in a solo capacity and provided database and data analysis consulting.  

The business slowly became more and more focused over the next 4 years until it reached a point where we began only providing Web Design and Search Engine Optimization with a few side Social Media projects.  

In 2016 Jeff moved to Chattanooga and started providing Chattanooga Website Designs. He met Chassidy Eralie who had a background in design and a creative eye.  They began working together in a contract capacity until mid-2018 when Green Thoughts Consulting doubled in size adding Ms. Eralie to the mix as the agency’s second Chattanooga Web Designer.