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What can a Social Media Aggregator do in 2021?

According to the recent reports, more than 86% of the brand uses user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy (source). And that is justified, as UGC is marketing gold. It provides a boost to the business and helps in capturing more audiences.

No one can deny that social media creators are creative and produce entertaining content that can hook viewers for a long duration of time. You can bring the same magic to your website by using a powerful, simple yet responsive free social media aggregator.

What are social media aggregators?

Social media aggregator is an amazing tool that helps you collect content from various social media platforms as per your desired source, then allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website.

Social media networks provide embedding links that users can embed on their websites, but unfortunately, this process is time-consuming, as you have to copy the link one by one. Moreover, you cannot make your desired customization. Hence, social media aggregators jump in for the rescue.

The tools ease your embedding process and provide various features and additional benefits, making it a needful marketing tool in 2021. This blog will be discussing a few of the amazing benefits that this tool provides. which makes it an ideal tool. So without any further delays, let’s get into it.

Social Media aggregator and content

Benefits of Social media aggregator tool

#1 Makes your website engaging

A brand needs an engaging website to hold visitors on the website. We all know that the more visitors stay on the website, the more chances he will learn more about the products and eventually instill interest in the brand.

On the other hand, social media users are very creative and use their artistic side while posting any content. Often people get engaged with their content and remain hooked to it for hours. Hence, by displaying this content on your website, you educate your visitors about your product and spark an interest in them with this entertaining content.

Also, one cannot track all the content related to the business and keep track of when people are posting, which is where social media aggregators play. If you have set the source for the content related to your brand, then as soon as someone will post anything related to your brand. Hence, it increases the engagement on the website.

#2 Increases the charm of your website

Different social media networks have a different focus on the media type. For example, Instagram is known for being a visual-based medium where people post images and videos.

Hence, when you compile all the types of content from different social media networks and display them on your website, it brings charm to the website.

Like, you can use Instagram feed to showcase images or videos related to your content or showcase visual-based content that people upload using your product. It brings liveliness and vibrancy to your website and makes it pleasing to the eyes. At the same time, you can also use a Twitter feed to showcase the latest trends, news, and updates related to your industry so people remain informed about the latest happenings about the industry.

currated content and social media aggregator

#3 Helps you in curating the quality content

One cannot control what people post on social media networks but with the help of social media aggregators, you can control what your feeds show to the visitors.

Many social media aggregators provide you with the ability to monitor the feed. That means you can control the feed and filter out all unwanted, spam, and irrelevant content from your websites’ feed and maintain the quality of your website.

Without social media aggregators, it would be a tiresome process to look into the content one by one. With social media aggregators, you can automate moderation and provide relevant content on your website.

#4 Boosts UGC

User-generated content is gold for marketers. It keeps on providing great returns and helps them in gaining market recognition. As a social media user produces content related to your brand, his social circle will also get to know about your brand, and if algorithms help, more people will be able to view the content and learn about your brand.

Hence, you need a medium to boost UGC as it eventually helps you to reach more audiences and market your brand. So, users feel respected when a brand features their content on their website. It shows that your brand cares about the users. It eventually encourages users to post more content related to your brand so that they get a regular feature on the website, and at the same time, it is a chance to get a feature for the new users.

So, the brands get recognition, and users get a chance to get a feature on the website, and eventually, it is a win-win situation.

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Social media aggregators are an amazing tool that helps you in capturing the content related to your business. Moreover, it eases your embedding process and helps you in enhancing your brand recognition. In this new age of digitalization, social media aggregators are a boon for marketers. You can find these tools easily on the internet, so use them and take your business to new heights.

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