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If you are looking for a quality digital marketing agency in San Marcos TX to create a web design for your small business look no further. Green Thoughts Consulting has been in the web development and customized website design business for over a decade.

However, it is important to weigh your options when choosing designers, developers, etc for your project. I want to pass along three simple topics you should consider when choosing your partner. I call these how to find the right web page designer for your online presence.

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Three Simple Questions to Ask a Website Designer in San Marcos

1- Do they care about the user experience on the websites you design?

If you chat with a website designer who only talks about themselves and the flashy design elements they can provide that is great, however, the most important variable for hiring a web developer is your visitor’s experience. The traffic that visits your website is there for a purpose and that purpose is to get their search intent to be met. This means if the developer doesn’t help you meet that need they have failed.

To put this more bluntly, traffic or visitors to your site is your lifeline in the digital sphere. It doesn’t matter if that traffic is organic, has come from ads, or a simple call to action from social media marketing strategy. At the end of the day if that traffic isn’t converting into leads and eventually sales the goals haven’t been met.

Return on investment is how you should approach the hiring of a website designer. Can they, as a team of professionals, understand and meet the needs of potential customers!

A website should be an asset, not a liability. This is why so many individuals can’t take paying good money for a website and opt to build it themselves, another big mistake.

Listen to the design team. Is it all about them or do they talk about your visitors and customers? If not move on to the next agency.

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2- Do you need access to your website for updates or do you plan to have the agency continue to service the web pages?

The core question here is does your team plan to update the website? Will they be adding content? Will they do the maintenance? If the answer is yes you probably need a web developer that can provide a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

A Content Management System, or a CMS as it is called, is a game-changer for businesses without the resource of a website designer on hand. If you don’t have a CMS you will spend lots of money, and I mean handfuls, on developer updates to your site.

On the other hand, a CMS, which most websites have will allow you to make updates to pictures, text, and even add pages to the site if necessary. Take it a step further when talking to a digital marketing agency in San Marcos Texas and ask what training they provide for a CMS if they in fact provide that as an option.

In my opinion, an agency that doesn’t use a CMS for a small business should be avoided. Further, one without clear training should be avoided.

At Green Thoughts Consulting we provide our clients with both a CMS solution and clear documentation (written and video-based tutorials) to aid in updating your site. Don’t get caught without these important tools.

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3- Is the website built with search engine optimization in mind?

I would say most of the agencies in the area build sites based on the look, feel, and brand presented to them. They often neglect the all-important search engine requirements of a site.

A brief word on search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO can be grouped into two main categories:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the process of making each web page and the entire site friendly for the search engines. This is imperative. What good is a website that cannot be found on the internet! It entails using the correct copy, keywords, optimizing headers, images, and meta descriptions just to make a few items. This is technical and you need an expert to help.

Off-Page SEO is helping your website get listed in directories, citations, niche edits, social links, etc so that Google and other search engines see your site and realize you are authoritative and legit.

That extremely brief explanation of SEO aside. You need a design team that will implement on-page SEO while designing the site. At Green Thoughts Consulting we provide on-page optimization for all of our website design clients. It just makes sense as a value-added to our customers.

4- Check out the agency portfolio!

Always look at prior and recent work before moving forward with a potential engagement with a design firm. Check our recent portfolio below.

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