Web Design Salisbury MD: Find the Right Designer

If you have stumbled upon this page then you most likely are looking for a web design in the Salisbury MD area. You are in a great spot to get what you need and to get it done right!

We have been in the digital marketing agency sphere for over a decade and have helped many successful businesses grow and thrive. We specialize in creating a highly recommended and eye-catching design.

What do you need to know to find the right professional web designer for your Salisbury Maryland area business? We have compiled a shortlist to get you moving toward your goal.

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What should you look for in a small business website design?

There are many factors that you should consider when evaluating custom websites designed by a web design company. However, we will keep our list short today as we know business owners don’t have time for long-winded replies.

1- Does the web development company care about user experience?

User experience and User interface are hot terms in agency space and rightly so. The user interface and experience are key as your visitors are where you gain and turn leads into customers. Therefore, this is no small matter.

Simply put if your web designer doesn’t want to help you grow your business just pass.

If it is all about me me me when you talk to companies that develop websites then it’s a bad sign. This brings me to the second important question. Is the site set up for SEO?

2- Do they build sites for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Most business owners have heard about SEO or have been bombarded by shady characters selling SEO services. I’ll publicly say I’m sorry for the industry.

However, in all honestly good, real, effective SEO is the key to getting cheap traffic to your website. It’s not about good graphic design, but rather in part on-page SEO is the key. This article isn’t about SEO but quickly SEO can be divided into two areas on-page and off-page. Learn more about SEO here.

  • Off-Page SEO is getting links to your website or web pages. These may include citations, business directories, guest posts, niche edits, or social media marketing links that can help your online presence.
  • On-Page SEO on the other hand is what I’m talking about. It involves setting up your copy, the keywords on your site, the headers, titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags (lots of geeky words there) so that your site is “found by users”.

You need good On-Page SEO. Many web designers just build the site and upcharge heavily for SEO.

We don’t do that. When we build a site we do the On-Page work so your site is not just beautiful and fast but also found! Being found equals more visitors.

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3- Web Designer Templates vs Specializing in Custom Designs

Many “web designers” are simply using web templates or builders from web hosting companies. These tools are not bad in and of themselves. That is if the design team customizes it so that it is not a copy of so many sites.

Who wants a site that looks like 500 others across the net. You think I’m joking. I’m not.

At Green Thoughts Consulting we create beautiful custom sites that drive leads and results.

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There are lots of options for Web Design Salisbury MD, just as there are many options for almost anything in life. Ask the right questions. Find a designer that will have a real conversation about your business and not just about themselves. Learn more about our web design solutions.