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the path to your dream profit number is at your finger tips, stop guessing and struggling to find the path

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Do you feel frustrated finding the right product mix to reach your dream profit goal?  It can be like fumbling around in a dark room you’ve never seen. You are so close but you just can’t find your way around in the dark.

Are you an entrepreneur, a helper, startup dreamer, or small business owner that feels lost like you just can’t find the magic formula? Tired of having guru’s provide the right mix for you?  Excited to launch but unsure which path is the right one to take.  Do you feel left out like everyone gets it but you?

Stop feeling like a failure when you just can’t seem to hit your targets. I’ve got good news there is help that can provide a path to your dream profit.


The Dream Profit Calculator

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The Dream Profit Calculator provides you with the path to reaching your desired income, however, the 1 on 1 VIP Coaching session allows you to kick start your way down that path.  1 on 1 sessions can help provide needed clarity so you don’t feel in the dark anymore.  

We help you map out these all important numbers so you can get headed down the path is worth it’s it’s weight in gold. You get personalized help.

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"Knowing your numbers is critical. I recommend this handy calculator to every one of my coaching clients. It helps you to map the numbers to your value ladder so you can make pricing decisions faster and decide what mix of products to play with to put your dream goals within reach."
"This tool really helped me move my business from a hobby to concrete numbers and goals. Knowing my target sales goals for my products took the unknown out of reaching my income targets."
Chassidy Eralie
Designer & Creative
"Wow. I've struggled setting targets for so long. I mean I didn't even have goals. I would just wish for 10k in sales on my Etsy. The Dream Profit Calculator and Jeff's help 1 on 1 provided the clarity I needed to hit my dream goals."

Here's what you get FREE when you purchase the DREAM PROFIT CALCULATOR

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The Dream Profit Calculator Itself


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Your Price TODAY is only $67 a savings of $574!!

Plus no more endless guessing to hit your Dream Profit!

Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About this Calculator

If you are seeing this page, there is 1 on 1 VIP session available for you. Simply redeem your Calculator below and you will receive an email in minutes with the options to download the tool, the Walk-through, and a link to schedule the 1 on 1 session. 

100%. If you need to solve for hitting your Dream Revenue and create real life goals and numbers to get there, you need this…and it will work. Guaranteed. Unless you’re not a person of action and yin your inbox.  If that’s the case I can’t help you.

No way! This tool shows you how to put together the numbers (price, goals, products, and time spent working) to find a direction toward growing your business. To get an entire plan or all of it you will need to reach out for 1 on 1 VIP Coaching.

It’s so easy.  You will receive an email within 5 to 10 minutes of ordering.  You can have both the product and walk-though up and running with your VIP Coaching Session Scheduled in another 5 minutes.

Maybe.  It all depends on my availability and how much time I have in my schedule and how those open slots will work for you.  On average you will probably wait 2 to 4 weeks for your session.

We have a 50% 30-day money-back guarantee. If after using the walk through, reaching out to me for help, and/or using the Dream Revenue Calculator doesn’t work, just reach out to us for a refund you half of the price.  We can’t return all of the product since there is intellectual property at risk.

No catch! I know how important this information is so I just want to get it in the hands of every single person I can. Plus, if I can show you how to get start down a path of realizing your Dream Revenue, hopefully you’ll become a lifelong customer. 😉