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Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Ideas To Attract More Patients

Here’s an impressive statistic related to chiropractic social media marketing: as of 2021, there’s a whopping 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, and the number of users is expected to grow over the next few years.

The number of social media users equates to about 48% of the current world population. Considering the staggering figure, it makes perfect sense for businesses to tap into social media to attract more clients.

With proper social media management, you can effectively engage with customers old and new and reach more people. If you want to attract more patients to your chiropractic practice, social media marketing is something you should look into.

chiropractic social media marketing

How to Use Social Media to Attract More Patients

Fortunately, there are countless ways you can use social media to attract more patients. The following are some of the foolproof ways you can use social media to boost your digital marketing efforts:

Tip #01: Create a robust chiropractic social media marketing strategy

Before you start your social media campaign, you must create a strong social media team first. If you don’t want to take chances, consider working with a social media specialist so you will have expert guidance.

Having access to an expert is also important if you want your social media campaign to move in the right direction. As soon as you have sorted out your social media team members, you must determine your goals and create a solid plan.

Tip #02: Pick the Most Suitable Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Channels

Before creating a social media page, you need to examine the options available at your disposal. Which social media channels would be right for you? Below are some of the most popular social media channels you can choose from:


Unlike other social media channels, Instagram is photo-focused. However, you can still use Instagram’s IG Live and Q&A features to boost your online marketing efforts. You can also use those features to connect and engage with your followers.

Another great idea would be to post short video clips on IG stories. Giving your followers a quick insight into what they can expect during a chiropractic session is another good idea you should consider.


LinkedIn is recommended if you want to improve and establish business connections. The site can also be used to effectively highlight your expertise by sharing your thoughts and ideas. LinkedIn can also be used to connect with other chiropractors.

Since you have the option to post content on LinkedIn, you can also share some of the articles you have written with your connections. Apart from posting articles, images, and videos, you can also post infographics, motivational quotes, and even memes.


If you have a social media account on Facebook, it would be a good idea to post light, fun, and informative videos for old and new patients. You can also share live events with your followers to connect and engage with them effectively.

To appear more approachable, consider posting high-quality photos of yourself and your staff and your patients (don’t forget to ask for permission) and other fun and exciting activities and events related to your practice.

Posting images or videos of your interaction with patients or videos that explain certain chiropractic procedures is another idea you can look into. To boost engagement, you can also give away special prizes or discounts.


If you love making videos, you can never go wrong with YouTube. If your chiropractic practice has a YouTube channel, you can post valuable and educational content, including training therapies, behind-the-scenes, and chiropractic exercises.

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Tip #03: Consider Investing in Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Ads

When it comes to social media ads, you have the option to run one on Facebook, Instagram, and Google based on your services, keywords, and specialty. If you are not running paid social media ads yet, the following benefits might convince you:

  • Your business can reach more people
  • You can reach highly targeted audiences
  • Your chiropractic practice can boost brand awareness and visibility
  • You can boost your conversion rate

Do you need help with your social media ads? We manage pay-per-click advertising at Green Thoughts Consulting. Further, we can help you with a plan for your social media.

Tip #04: Increase Engagement By Posting Different Types of Content

To increase engagement and attract more patients, consider posting various types of content. The following are some of the content ideas you can look into:

  • Client education. Use these posts to educate your followers and patients on the various chiropractic topics—from general to more in-depth ones.
  • Seasonal or celebratory posts. These posts should be timely and relevant and help ensure your social media page is updated and recent. Some seasonal or celebratory posts include National Chiropractic Health Month, World Spine Day, and International Correct Posture Month.
  • Preventative care. These posts should bring awareness and encourage patients to schedule appointments or follow-ups for sports injuries, adjustments, and neck and knee pain.

Learn more about content marketing here.

Final Thoughts

With most of your patients and prospects likely active on social media, it would be wise to take action by implementing some of the social media strategies mentioned above. Done accordingly, social media can be a powerful tool that can take your chiropractic practice to the next level.

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