Affordable Chattanooga Web Design Process

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Chattanooga Web Design Process

Active Listening during web design


We take time to hear you and understand your goal, your desire, your dream.  Our process fails if we don’t get your vision right.

In practical terms this means we jump on the phone and talk to you.  We send you form that will walk you through the information we need to get started. 


After we listen, we plan.  First, our web designers plan then we plan together with you.  There is a purposefulness in this that seeks to make sure you have been heard.  

In order to achieve that we will plan and then revise our initial plan if it isn’t what you had envisioned for website.  This will involve getting together and putting together a timeline and finalizing the work.

Website Planning Together
Web Design Process


This is the part in the web design process where we stay up all night and type away on our coding key pads while you sleep.  We consume massive amounts of coffee and we obsess over the details to make your site the best.

There is a coming together of what we heard when we listened, what we decided on when we planned in the design phase.



The web design process is complete. We dot those eyes and cross those tees.  We work together with you to make sure everything is just as it should be.  If it is not we take a step back and Design some more.

Once the website is signed off on by you we perform baseline user testing, analytics setup, optimization of the on page content.  Then we turn over the keys.

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