Avoid Plagiarism for SEO

How to Avoid Plagiarism in your content that boost your SEO ranking

Plagiarism is amongst the top concern about the ranking and most of the websites are not ranking because of this issue. 

Plagiarism means copying the content of another website or publisher and use it for your purpose without giving a proper citation. 

Everybody wishes for boosting the site but this is only possible through better optimization as well as with a better content strategy. 

Google’s crawlers are enough intelligent to detect duplicate content on your website and if they find so, it would affect your ranking.

In this article, we will discuss more the detection of plagiarism as well as the ways to avoid this issue on your site. 

Introduction to Google’s Panda update

The Google Algorithm, named as Google Panda Algorithm, scans your content and website to get the ranking for it. 

This algorithm gets an update after a period and you need to optimize your site according to it. One of the biggest updates for this algorithm was that you should have plagiarism-free content on your website for ranking higher. 

Besides, the algorithms also check for the quality of the content. In the qualitative measures, the uniqueness of the content is very important. 

If you are copying the content from the other websites or you are stealing the idea of the content from other published content then you would be concerned with plagiarism. 

The plagiarism would create a lot of problems for your site. Firstly, you would get the notice from the original author of the content while if the original author wouldn’t detect the content that you copied then the search engine will. 

The search engine crawlers are enough intelligent to detects the originality of the content and penalize the website that copies.

To avoid it, below are some of the ways you can be away from plagiarism to maintain as well as boost your website’s ranking. 

Ways of avoiding plagiarism in your content to boost the ranking 

  1. Come with your idea

When you are writing the content on a specific topic then instead of writing the content through copying the idea of the website, try to write in your ideas. 

This doesn’t mean that you should go away from the original concept instead you should write the content with the same concept but a different structure. 

Now, the best way to deal with this task is to research more and more to get more ideas about the topic and concepts. 

This might take a lot of time but this is necessary for better and unique content. This would increase productivity in your writing while it would also help you to get high-quality content for your readers. 

The readers are coming to your website to find informative content as well as unique content that is never uploaded on the internet before. 

  1. Get research material from multiple sources

When you are reading an article for writing a similar one then there are chances of plagiarism because the content you are reading is limited. 

Not only this, your written content from a single source wouldn’t be creating informative content instead it would be less in quantity as well as less in quality. 

Through reading multiple sources, your content will be better including the concept, quantity, as well as it will be plagiarism-free. 

Go searching for more websites and read the content on it. Through reading maximum data, you can easily gather general ideas and this would have very little chance of plagiarism. 

  1. Paraphrase the original content 

Paraphrasing is another option for avoiding plagiarism in your content. Paraphrasing means changing the words or reword a sentence which helps to remove the plagiarism. 

The paraphrasing can be done through the online tools that are available online for free while these tools are instant and quick to convert the content. 

Paraphrasing is the best way to remove plagiarism because plagiarism not only changes the words but it also increases the quality of the content because of the unique selection of the words. 

Paraphrasing happens with the help of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. This way, the paraphrasing is done in a way that the actual meaning of the content remains the same.

  1. Cite the source

The most appropriate way to use someone else’s content in your content is to cite the source. When you are taking another content, you should ask the permission and cite the source. 

The citation means giving the credit by mentioning the original author name, source name, as well as the topic of the content. 

Citing the source also has a good impact on the search engines for your site because the algorithms would consider your content to be plagiarism-free. 

It is also recommended that you should give the link to the source for referring the traffic to the original post. 

Different citation styles can be used for citing the source. Some of the citation methods are written below:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago 

Different online tools can be used for making a citation to the source you used for your copied content. 

  1. Quoting the source

In blog posts or web content, you might need to write the sentence in the original form to make your content authentic. 

However, this is possible through quoting the sentence that you are copying from the other website and using it in your source. 

For example, you are writing about social media and you need to add some researched material in your content. Now, to write the original research, you can quote it along with the citation to avoid the plagiarism issue. 


There was a time when using plagiarized content was not a big problem but now, because of the intelligent tools and bots, this can create serious offense for your site. 

You should always consider checking the plagiarism online before publishing the content while the above ways will let you avoid plagiarism in your content. 

Although the best way involves the original writing still, the mentioned ways will be helpful for you. 

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