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Dalton Web Design- An Affordable Example

Dalton Ga Web Design Complete for Blankenship PIC

We were approached by a small startup to provide them with an extremely affordable business web design in Dalton Georgia with a very quick turnaround. The client wanted a CMS (content management system” so they could self update and publish there own content via the site and blog. In other words there was no content or wording added by us.

The turnaround time and scope was 24 to 36 hours. The price point was under 600 dollars. This goes against some of the rules we wrote when discussing Custom Web Design, however for this instance this solution worked best.

Due to these constraints, which varies from our normal designs, we choose a simple yet attractive WordPress template that was cost effective and quick to edit with a WYSIWYG editor (“What you see is what you get”) like Beaver-builder or Elementor.

This format worked well because of it’s price point and the numerous free resources available to our client such as YouTube tutorials and the like.

Web Pages Requested for the Web Design

The client requested a home page that would showcase the services he offered along side an about page and a contact page.

Dalton Ga Web Design for Blankenship PIC

1- Home Page

Dalton GA Web Design for Blankenship PIC Home Page

The goal of the homepage was to first get the point of the site across concisely with a call to action above the websites fold. In other words we were seeking to create a landing page feel for the home page.

Per request social media icons were created along the top right menu bar and email/phone on the left above the clients logo.

The header for the page, also known as the H1, was chosen for On-Page SEO and optics. The client added the sub text under the H1.

The call to action although in attention getting red was weaker than we had hoped for with the type “contact us”, however this was again a client request. They felt get a quote was too strong.

The H2 “Identify and Reduce Costs” in the below the fold type attempts to provide context to what the client in fact does and hopefully solves a problem that potential clients and web traffic are considering.

The three prong division of the site provides an overview of the services this particular business offers.

2- About Page

Blankenship PIC About Page

This affordable web design was provided to the client within 18 hours of request and an approximate 1 hour conversation. The about page was entirly left for the client to optimize and fill in text sections per our video instructions.

3- Contact Page

Dalton GA Web Design for Blankenship PIC Contact Page

With the contact page we setup a simple auto-responder using mailer lite and a forward to the owner of the business so that they would be aware of requests.

Aside from this the business worked within the builder to update text and images.

Request for Blog within the Web Design

We simply set up the post page and provided video tutorials of how to upload blogs to the site. In doing so we explained the importance of keywords On Page SEO.

Dalton GA Web Design for Blankenship PIC Blog Page

Each post shows up and is highlighted, grey overtone, as you scroll down. These are merely “featured images” for the that the user uploads. Each post has a a comment section and a call to action for the reader to contact the business owners.

An Affordable Web Design is Possible

I’ve included this post of a lower budget Chattanooga Web Design by Green Thoughts Consulting to illustrate that an affordable web design is possible with a quick turnaround.

Obviously, this site could be improved, however it cost the client less than the yearly and monthly fee for a Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace site and was completed per there request in less than 24 hours.

Even with an affordable web design option like this we include a discount on our other services such as SEO, PPC, and Hosting.

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