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So you can do the things you love.

Small Business Consulting Process

Benefits received from working with us:

  • Our small business consulting process gets results for your business. Bottom line.
  • You will reach your goals & you will learn the process to stay on top. You can't lose with our 30 day half money back guarantee.
  • The process you experience provides a learning process that creates value for your businesses right out of the gate.

Running a small business is difficult and time consuming, you are pulled in many directions...

Many of us as small business owners experience what I refer to as the snow storm effect.  So many things are coming at us at once we often feel overwhelmed and blinded by the storm.

​Further, most of us are only truly great at one or two things, maybe a handful if we are lucky.  However, as owners we are asked to wear a myriad of hats: run marketing campaigns, deal with social media, balance the books, figure out the world of AdWords and Pay per Click marketing, keep our website updated, and sell our products.  Exhausting. 

I've been there and I'm there now- so you are not alone.  I learned years ago to do what I love and am gifted at and outsource or hire for the rest.  Hiring my own small business consulting firm was the best move I every made.  

“The single biggest challenge for business owners is breaking free from the mentality that says, 'I have to do it all myself.' I struggle with this continually. When I've asked for help, problems have cleared up."                             -Dave Baldwin of Bottom Line

If you are drowning like many small business owners the daily pressure to produce and put food on the table can be intense.  This is made worse by the fact that as small business owners we are often in competition with larger firms that have what feels like unlimited resources.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Personalized Solutions

Sure you can hire a big consulting firm that deals with fortune 500 companies and the like, however after the pitch you will be stuck with Jr Associates/Interns. Selecting us as your solution means you will work with us personally.

Do What You Love

Outsourcing your problem areas provides many benefits.  You get to do what you love to do.  While we deal with the "other stuff" that is currently bogging you down.  This is huge. Remember why you started doing this? You can again.

Save Money

Consider the price you would pay a marketing manager or someone to run your social media campaigns.  This is often 5 times to 6 times what you will pay us!  That is a huge amount of savings and value added to your business.

"They offered guidance that helped ..."

"They offered guidance that helped me to reach my goals in a relatively painless fashion.  Jeff was very accessible throughout the entire process and I believe I received incredible value in return for the services provided."

- Stephanie Davidson (Small Business Owner)

What past clients are saying...

"Thank you.  You guys are the best! I will use you again."

We worked with a client just outside Atlanta, Georgia that was dealing with marketing and management issues.  This particular client had been a solo practitioner that recently expanded her business to include other service providers.  When we met she was overwhelmed by the management aspect of her situation and felt like she was unable to "do what she loved".  

Following our four step consulting process we first spent time understanding the particulars of her given situation.  We then identified process areas where we could implement solutions and whenever possible AUTOMATION to her business so that she could go back to doing what she loved.  Three months out we continue to follow up with the implementation process and provide her with analysis of what is working and what needs to be tweaked.  Her business is thriving and most importantly she is no longer feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You really can do what you love again.

What You’ll Get...

As your small business consulting firm you will get undivided attention:
Consulting Visualized

"You will work directly with us to help us first understand your particular situation, then we will analyze past challenges/successes, next we will put together an implementation plan, which will lead to an analysis of that implementation."


  • You talk, We listen
  • The problem is identified


  • You do what you love
  • We analyze past challenges


  • We set project goals 
  • You approve the goals


  • We implement the process
  • You do what you love

So what kind of small business consulting services do we provide?  Great question.  

You may have noticed we have separate sections within our website for Marketing and Social Media Solutions.  Therefore, anything that doesn't fall under that category is fair game.  As a firm we have experience with general consulting, strategy formulation, business plan development, and other general categoricals.

After spending some time on our site if you are still unsure, if we are a good fit for your needs book a consultation.

Consulting Solutions for Value

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"It is my personal promise to you as one small business owner to another that if you are not 100% satisfied with your results during the first 30 days we will refund you 50% of your cost and you can keep the work on all small business consulting services."

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