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Marketing Management Skill to Fail Proof Your Business

The next primary skill needed to Fail Proof Your Business we reviewed after Crisis Management was generically referenced as Management Skill, which in the literature references four subsets. Today we will address the first of these skills.

Marketing Proficiency

I have identified six areas within Marketing Proficiency that every small business owner that wants to succeed should own.

1. Analytics

2. Social Media

3. Data Visualization

4. Technical Skills

5. Soft Skills

6. Teamwork

Please recall that according to the peer reviewed literature one must obtain a "moderate" understanding of marketing to be successful and thus fail proof your business.


The ability to install and implement an analytics provider such as Google Analytics is great and is a skill small business owners should master, however it is far more important that you as an owner understand and learn how to leverage the information within this data. Specifically, analytics allows us to understand trends in our audiences’ behavior that would not be recognizable without an analytics platform. These days you can find analytics for your social media platforms, website, and just about anything else you do or use. Like data or not it helps you grow traffic and increase leads.

Social Media

The ability to connect with the public through free platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others is something you cannot ignore as a business owner. Having a regular presence on social media and particularly a presence that does not always seek to promote your own brand is key. Luckily, for those of us running small firms or businesses there is a plethora of tools to help you out. Automation. Use it. Also you can curate content from notable users to gain a following. Suggested rates of publishing based on statistical studies are as follows: Twitter 5-7/day; Facebook 1-2/day; LinkedIn 1/day (five days a week); Google+ 1-2/day; Instagram 3-5/day; Pinterest 3-5/day.

Data Visualization

The idea here is that images and video tell a story and engage potential leads and clients better than text. You should include pictures in your posts and whenever possible video. This will increase traffic and engagement. One article stated that 12% of websites experienced an increase in traffic after posting an infographic. Create images that people are excited to share. If you are not great with Photoshop or other graphic tools try Canva.

Technical Skills

Website design and updating via a content management solutions is the way to go for small business owners. The largest CMS is WordPress- Learn WordPress in a Week. Learn to use it and it will be your best friend. I am also a fan of Thrive Themes. Other technical skills include automation of posts, graphic design skills, video editing-- each of which are far easier than you might believe.

Soft Skills

As you might suspect this is important in the area of marketing as it is in all of life. The better people skills you possess the better your business and bottom line will love you for it. At the top of the list are communication, friendliness, and being flexible and understanding of others.


57% of Marketers including small businesses have a "Social Media Team". Simply put this means you can't do all the above by yourself. However, fail proofing your business means become moderately engaged and aware of these ideas. As long as you can talk the language and understand the concepts outsourcing the work to a pro is the way to go and often times you will see a higher return on investment by using a pro.

The first stop in our four part journey through the Fail Proof Your Business management skill is marketing. On Friday we will look at the skill understanding finances.

Go Finish.

Jeff Green

Owner and President of Green Thoughts Consulting, LLC. I am passionate about helping small business owners grow and automate thier business and/or offering so they can do more of what they love and less of the rest. I am an MBA graduate with years of management and small business experience.