LinkedIn Profile Training

LinkedIn Profile Training Part 3: Summary Section

I realize many of you don't really get why we are doing a series on optimizing LinkedIn.  It's a common confusion.  Many of us don't realize the intense power that LinkedIn has for your business.  I can almost guarantee you that LinkedIn is the best Business to Business lead generation tool on the planet.

Seriously.  Thus it pays to optimize that profile and then put in process a high returning ROI generation system/process to attract those leads.

If you don't believe me just ask for our LinkedIn ROI Calculator.  

This third video in the series LinkedIn Profile Training for optimization tackles the summary section of your profile.  It clocks in around 11 minutes and is longer than other videos because it is a very important section for your profile.  Highlights include: Calls to Action, Specialties section, Keywords, and utilizing unicode html objects to get attention.

Go Finish.

Jeff Green

Owner and President of Green Thoughts Consulting, LLC. I am passionate about helping small business owners grow and automate thier business and/or offering so they can do more of what they love and less of the rest. I am an MBA graduate with years of management and small business experience.