LinkedIn Profile Training

This short video represents the second in our LinkedIn Profile Training Series.  It deals with optimization of your LinkedIn profile, which is a cornerstone for using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool.

Specifically, part 2 of the LinkedIn profile training deals with the top box on your LinkedIn profile.  There are two very important items in this box for optimzation of your profile.  Namely, the picture you have chosen and the title selected for your description.  The video states that as a best practice one should choose a picture that is professional and has you wearing the type of work attire you wear on a normal day.  Further, you should be smiling and the picture should be an uncropped headshot.  

The title box is often utilized as your work title, such as CFO or CPA, etc.  However, the video discusses alternative methods that will hlep your profile in the LinkedIn search algorithm such as adding modifiers to your profile that describe what you do and more importantly what you want people to search for when looking for you.

If you would like to learn more about utilizing LinkedIn as a lead generation source and how to optimize your profile please contact us at [email protected].

Jeff Green

Owner and President of Green Thoughts Consulting, LLC. I am passionate about helping small business owners grow and automate thier business and/or offering so they can do more of what they love and less of the rest. I am an MBA graduate with years of management and small business experience.