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Crisis Management: Implementation

In previous posts we provided a way at rank your businesses True Risk Rank with a spreadsheet and then a way to brainstorm ideas or solutions to these risks. In this post we will work toward implementing these solutions.

This post by it's nature will be shorter than those in this series. However, it should not be dismissed as I've written about the true value of finishing or the Art of Finishing previously. Simply put if you cannot finish a project, such as this, it is of little use to you or your business.

So let's review what the steps to finishing entail.

1. Task Choice

2. Plan

3. Start

4. Review

5. Repeat

You can read the entire post here.

So let's look at these steps as they relate to implementing a Crisis Management plan in an effort toward Fail Proofing your Business.

The task is clear at this point. You have identified the various risk factors using our True Risk Rank and you have come up with a list of interventions to be taken if that risk actually comes to fruition. So the task is to implement or setup these interventions for each risk.

The planning phase has been somewhat deal with during the brainstorming phase. However, it would be best to assign and owner to the task/project for each implementation set and a deadline for completion.

Once the task has been completed it is important to review the work and place it in a company folder that is shared digitally and/or an actual physical file where everyone can access the plan.

That's really it. By working three the steps of Crisis Management you are well on your way to Fail Proofing your Business.

Go Finish!

Jeff Green

Owner and President of Green Thoughts Consulting, LLC. I am passionate about helping small business owners grow and automate thier business and/or offering so they can do more of what they love and less of the rest. I am an MBA graduate with years of management and small business experience.